Baylor University Poage Library

Series Description

I. Certificates | Series Outline | INVENTORY |

A. Framed, 8 x 10 | INVENTORY |
Seven frame certificates arranged in chronological order from 1947 to 1985 document Kirpatrick's involvement with the Aracia and Rho Gamma Sigma fraternities, the State Board of Insurance, the Governor's office, and the Texas Civil War Centennial Commission.

B. Framed, larger than 8 x 10 | INVENTORY |

Nine large framed certificates filed in chronological order document Kirkpatrick's interest from 1949-1990 in the National Guard, Texas House, State Board of Insurance, and Baylor Alumni Association.

C. Unframed | INVENTORY |

Six unframed certificates from 1959 to 1984 reflect Kirkpatrick's participation in the Masons and the Texas Legislature. Other certificates are just for fun appointing Kirkpatrick Admiral of the Texas Navy, Texas Roving Ambassador of Goodwill and Commodore of the Brazos.

II. Subject Files | Series Outline | INVENTORY |

The subject files, arranged alphabetically, are mostly personal in nature dealing with Kirkpatrick's involvement in the Acacia Fraternity, Baylor Alumni Association, the Coin Club, the State Board of Insurance, the National Guard, the Texas Civil War Centennial Commission, and the Texas Legislature. Also included are several membership cards, postcards to his parents in 1946, and his military discharge papers from both the U. S. Army and the Texas National Guard.

III. News clippings | Series Outline | INVENTORY |

A. Scrapbooks | INVENTORY |
Two large scrapbooks contain clippings about the Texas Legislature from 1946-1950 when Kirkpatrick represented the 4th District. A third scrapbook is super-size almost three-feet square with a printed cover. Some news clippings are (or were) glued in, but most of the clippings are just stuck inside folded.

B. Legal size expanding wallets with flaps | INVENTORY |

Two overstuffed folders contain newsclippings from around 1946 to 1950 folded together into two large rolls. Separating and photocopying these will be difficult and time consuming.

IV. Photographs | Series Outline | INVENTORY |

A. Unframed, 8 x 10 or smaller | INVENTORY |
Twenty-one photographs, mostly from 1946 to 1950 document Kirkpatricks involvement in State government. The earliest photos, however, are from Kirkpatrick's military service in 1943-1944. The latest photo if of Kirkpatrick's Trenton High School reunion, Class of 1939-1940, in 1997.

B. Unframed, larger than 8 x 10 | INVENTORY |

Of these six photographs, one is a formal portrait of Kirkpatrick in the military in 1944. Another is a formal portrait of Kirkpatrick around 1950. The remaining four are each of Kirdkpatrick with Texas Speaker of the House Gib Lewis in 1985, 1987, 1989, and 1991.

C. Framed, 8x10 | INVENTORY |

Five of these seven photographs of of Kirkpatrick with various colleagues from 1950 to 1972. The most notable photographs, however, is a signed photograph to Kirkpatrick from Sam Rayburn who was from the same part of Texas. The last photograph is of the State Board of Insurance in 1979.