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III.C.4.c. Newspapers, Unbound - MLK




New York Times

Suspect in Murder of Dr. King Is Arrested at London Airport (p. 74); Ray Got Passport From travel Agency in Toronto (p. 74); Ray Is Being Held Under Tight Security (p. 75); Ray's Arrest Ends Hunt That Began With His Escape from Missouri Prison in April of '67 (p. 75); Brother Fears for Ray's Life; Says He'd Kill Only for Money (p. 76); Ray Extradition May Take Weeks (p. 77)

June 9 1968

Charlotte Observer

U.S. Seeks King Suspect's Return: Why Did He Check Into Immigration?; 'Fat Man' Contact Sought (associated with James Earl Ray) (p. 11A)

June 10 1968

Asheville Citizen

U.S. Moves to Get Suspect Returned

June 10 1968

Dallas Morning News – "Today" section

"Black Like Him: For John Howard Griffin, 'Black Like Me' was just one of many accomplishments" (article profiles author, John Howard Griffin, who racially impersonated a black man; article offers some highlights regarding racial issues during Civil Rights Era)

Sept. 8 1997