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V.H.5. Midlothian Mirror

Vol. /No.



Vol. XIX, No. 17

School Principle Roy Irvin Whips Editor Penn Jones in Office of Supt. Mills

March 29, 1962

Vol. XIX, No. 22

Fight Shatters Glass in the Mirror Door Fixed in Time to Accommodate Arsonist

May 3, 1962

Vol. XIX, No. 22

   (2 copies)

Post Office Dedication Ceremony to be Held Friday at 1:30.

May 10, 1962

Vol. XIX, No. 25

Council Considers Bond Issue

May 31, 1962

Vol. XIX, No. 27

Class Speakers Tell Seniors of World in Which They are About to Step

June 7, 1962

Vol. XX, No. 33

   (2 copies)

36th T-Patchers Engaged in Road Building in Austin; Mirror Editor Receives the Coveted Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award for Courage in Journalism

July 18, 1963

Vol. XXVI, No. 5

Jim Garrison, Bill Boxley, Some Critics and the Perrin Rich Case

January 2, 1969

Vol. XXVI, No. 8

   (3 copies)

Another Threat for Roger Craig; The Strange Death of Mr. Perrin or Somebody

January 23, 1969

Vol. XXVI, No. 11

   (4 copies)

Pictures of Some of Those Arrested and One Accused After the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas

February 13, 1969

Vol. XXVI, No. 12

   (2 copies)

The Zapruder Film

February 20, 1969

Vol. XXVII, No. 16

Corrections and Additions to Forgive My Grief Volume III

March 19, 1970

Vol. XXVII, No. 19

Munitions Makers Secret Police Agency Supplies $6,000,000.00 to Bentsen

April 9, 1970

Vol. XXVII, No. 20

School Tax Re-evaluation Needed; The Army is Snooping On You

April 16, 1970

Vol. XXVII, No. 23

Typhoid Larry; American Reichstag

May 7, 1970

Vol. XXVII, No. 30

The C.A.P. and The T.S.B.D.B; Support for Nixon

June 25, 1970

Vol. XXVII, No. 37

Numbers 70 and 71; He Didn't Say It!

August 13, 1970

Vol. XXVIII, No. 36

   (3 copies)

My Mother

August 5, 1971

Vol. XXXI, No. 29

Computer Studies of JFK Photos

May 23, 1974

Vol. XXXI, No. 33

Castellano Impeachment Kit

June 20, 1974

Vol. 49, No. 24

Local Headlines

March 12, 1992

Affidavit, State of Texas, County of Ellis for Penn Jones and Charter of Midlothian Mirror


Articles of Amendment for Penn Jones Pub. INC., formerly known as the Midlothian Mirror

December 15, 1977

Assassination of a School Board – Midlothian Reporter


Business Cards of Penn Jones Jr.


Charter of the Midlothian Mirror


Editorials from the Midlothian Mirror (2 –copies)


Format on Paper of Jones Journal

July 8, 1977

Map of Midlothian


The Midlothian Argus Reprint

January 13, 1916

Midlothian Book Order Forms


Midlothian Letter Head (1), Rotary Business Forms Co. (1), and International Conference of Weekly Newspaper Editors (1)


Midlothian Mirror Library bookplate copy


Midlothian Mirror regarding the firebombing


Penn Jones and the Midlothian Mirror by James Makeig (manuscript)

May 1971

Penn Jones and the Selling of the Midlothian Mirror


Stump Water by Penn Jones

May 12, 19_

Tears and Joys: A Study of Two Liberal Texas Weeklies by John R. Makeig


Texas Batteries, Battalions, Regiments, Commanders, and Field Officers Confederate State's Army 1861-1865