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After almost 25 years in Higher Education leadership, in 2008 I formed my own consulting company to leverage my expertise to a wider audience of colleges and universities. My goal now is to find a full-time position in Higher Education leadership -- or to perform Consulting services for them -- in my three areas of expertise. I am in a position to add value (strategic, process-driven) in these vital areas, together or severally:

* Establishment and executive management of strong, quality, academically rigorous, revenue-producing International Program Centers, with particular emphasis on P.R. China;

* Institutional and Marketing Research; coordination of collection of system-wide data and information; statistical analysis and research methodology expertise made available for institutional use, for marketing, and in the classroom. (I have developed a reputation for being able to teach statistical analysis successfully to math-phobes.)

* Regional, Quality- and process-based accreditation, including leadership and analysis of processes for Assessment of Student Learning.


STATISTICAL ANALYSIS & RESEARCH METHODS: research method, statistical analysis, results reporting; strong communication (writing, public speaking) skills; training/teaching to diverse audiences including the math-fearful; institutional research; and graphical representation of data.

HIGHER EDUCATION: International programs; institutional research; assessment of student learning; regional accreditation (both quality-based, continuous improvement models and traditional methods.


The Proctor Agency
Currently holds this position

Graduate Faculty
Walden University
Educational Institution; 201-500 employees; Higher Education industry 2010 Present (1 year)

Assoc. Dean
Northwood University
1985 2008 (23 years)

Executive Director
The Midland Symphony Orchestra
1981 1985 (4 years)


Wayne State University
Ed.D., Education
1994 2001

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
B.A., Speech Communications
1969 1973

1966 1969