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Paul Hoch

In 1964, while a graduate student at UC Berkeley, Paul Hoch purchased the Warren Commission's Report and 26 volumes. Since then, he has assisted many researchers, writers, and authorities with their inquiries.

He has concentrated on documentary research (including FOIA requests).Particular interests have ranged from the internal papers of the Warren Commission to the acoustical evidence.

Over the decades, he accumulated selected pages from the numbered Warren Commission Documents, which are now in the Baylor collection.

In 1966, he was the first researcher to find the FBI report on the autopsy in the National Archives. A FOIA request pursuant to his interest in the FBI Oswald files prompted J. Edgar Hoover personally to refer to him as "obviously a 'smear' artist."

With Peter Dale Scott and Russell Stetler, he edited the 1976 anthology "The Assassinations: Dallas and Beyond," which includes his 1975 memo to the Rockefeller Commission, "CIA Activities and the Warren Commission Investigation." That memo can also be found at, along with the CIA response and many other documents relating to his work.

He was an invited participant in the "critics conferences" held by the HSCA and the ARRB. From 1979 through 1994, he produced the informal newsletter "Echoes of Conspiracy," started in pre-Internet times as a way for his correspondents to share information.

In 2009, he retired from his day job as a programmer/analyst at Berkeley.