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JFK Links

JFK Links - A Selected List

America�s Debate: 40th Anniversary of JFK Assasination

Andy Hughes site: Strange Confidences between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

Arlington National Cemetery: JFK President of the United States

AARC: Assassination Archives and Research Center

Assassination Research: Journal for Advanced Study of the Death of JFK

Books: Assassinations/ JFK

Tumblr: New documents reveal first JFK casket dumped at sea: Robert Kennedy ordered disposal. June 1,1999


Dallas Historical Society: Dallas History Message Board: Re: JFK Assassination

Dan Sarver: Who Killed John Kennedy and Why

Encyclopedia Britannica Online: Kennedy John F.

Gary Langer (ABCNews): Legacy of suspicion: Decades After Few Accept the Official Explanation for JFK Assassination

Grover B. Proctor, Jr: The JFK Assassination articles

JFK biography: John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35th President of the United States 1917-1963

JFK biography: John F. Kennedy: Presidents Homepage

JFK Lancer: Welcome to JFK Assassination Research

John McAdams: A Conspiracy? John F. Kennedy

John McAdams. The Kennedy Assassination

Mary Ferrell: Preserving the legacy of a devoted researcher an dachivist of the JFK assassination

Michael Griffith: JFK Assassination Web Page

Multimedia Gallery: JFK Assassination Mock Trial

National Security Archive: Kennedy Sought Dialogue with Cuba

Vince Palamara: