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Did Dallas Kill Kennedy

Why the World Blamed Us for Oswald's Crime Was Dallas a City of Hate?

November, 1988

Ladies Home Journal

Lee Harvey Oswald's widow says: "There was a conspiracy"

November, 1988


Out of despair.... The dream begins

King: A sampling of his words

Spring, 1988


RFK- His legacy public and private

June, 1988


JFK & the Mob

The dark side of Camelot - John Kennedy's former lover Judith Campbell Exner tells at last of being the President's courier to the Mob.

February 29, 1988


Bush scores a warm win

Of Myth and Memory

October 24, 1988


JFK's Assassination: Who was the real target?

November 28, 1988

US News and World Report

25 Years later: JFK's vision and what has come of it.

Is he a Reagan or a Rockfeller?

October 24, 1988

Whole Life Times.

JFK and the New Age

November, 1988