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The bizarre deaths following JFK's murder

Howard Hughes: Final years of torment

Hitler's henchmen thrives in US

World's no.1 terrorist

March, 1977


At last! Argosy discloses the JFK evidence that nobody wanted to reveal!

August, 1977


Fact not fiction: The JFK Cover-up:
The framing of Lee Harvey Oswald

September, 1977


JFK dilemma: What the Rockfeller commission didn't do

October, 1977


Priscilla's story

March, 1977

Ladies Home Journal

A tale of two Jackies

Marina and Lee

October, 1977

Ladies Home Journal

Why Oswald really killed Kennedy: Part II

November, 1977


Fidel on the Grassy Knoll

March 04, 1977


The murder of President Kennedy:
What we didn't know untill now about the crime and the cover-up

March, 1977


New questions about assassination

Watergate Burglar says CIA involved

Sturgis says CIA involved

Assassination update

May, 1977


Tracking Down Kennedy Killers

CIA Man Who Knew Oswald Tells How Castro Paid Tor The Assassination
How The CIA Could Have Stopped It Details Of Ruby-Oswald Meetings
JFK Murder Is Linked To Watergate

July, 1977


Korean gate: Did Nixon step down before the Korean bribe scandal hit?

Case of characters remains the same: From JFK's death to Watergate

Did the Watergate cover-up include mass murder by airplane sabotage?

CIA's darkest secret: The agency let Castro assassinate JFK

Here's how America's intelligence community grew into a monster

October, 1977

New Times

Jimmy Carter:
The Democratic Eisenhower

Why the King case should be reopened

April 01, 1977


Who's killing the Assassination committee?

April, 1977

Saturday Review

The murder of Robert Kennedy: Suppressed evidence of more than one assassin

Congress and the Assassinations

February 19, 1977


The King murder mystery

Berlin vs. Sparague vs. Berlin

March 04, 1977


The JFK inquiry: A tangled plot of intrigue and death

May 17, 1977