Baylor University Poage Library

Poage Donors Nov. 2011 to Nov. 2012

All donor information compiled from 11/01/2011 to 11/01/2012. Every attempt was made to include all donors.Please contact Mary Goolsby to report omissions or corrections at 254-710-3540 or


Speaker of the House
John and Sarah Dowdy
Chet and Lea Ann Edwards
Forrest and Carol Sue Roberts

Committee Chair
Alan and Susan Steelman

General Counsel
Aramco Services Company
Mr. D.M. Edwards
Bill and Beth Hair
Ed and Sandy Nichols
Mr. James Benjamin Rogers
Hon. Max Sandlin, Jr.
Mr. Timothy P. Ward
Fowler and Ann West
John and Patricia Wood
Gloria and F.M. Young

Chief of Staff
Rondy and Jackie Gray
Alta Leath and Tom Leath
Lyndon and Kay Olson
Mr. Stephen Paine
Mr. Roy Schaeffer
Mr. Ed Sherry

Staff Member
Mr. John Baize
Michael and Kay Brown
Frank and Dianna Caplett
Don and Tommye Lou Davis
Mr. Thomas Forbes
Dr. June Rose Garrott
Rick and Mary Goolsby
Ms. Lanella Gray
Ms. Helen Gray
Jim and Sharon Griffith
Russ and Stephanie Griffith
Mr. Ben Guttery
Ms. Mimi Montgomery Irwin
Ms. Merri Carol Martens
Mrs. Georgia Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morrison
Dr. and Mrs. T. Michael Parrish
Bob and Ruth Platt
Charles and Trudy Rians
Paul and Mary Lee Rogers
John Ben and Jaye Sutter
John and Merlyn Watkins

Member in Good Standing
Dr. Gayle AvantDr. Karl Brandt
Brent and Ellen Brown
Rev. Steven J. Erickson
Maj (Ret.) & Mrs. C.Dayle Henington
Ms. Mary Hull
Mr. Herb Hartsook
Ms. Helen Pickett Larsh
Ms. Nancy Murray


Mr. Pat Beard
John and JD Dowdy Foundation
John and Sarah Dowdy
Chet and Lea Ann Edwards
Mr. D.M. Edwards
Hon. Kent Hance
David and Jo Hendrick
Jack and Colleen Hightower
David and Karyn Hill
Mr. Wen Hsu
George and Barbara Meyer
Lyndon and Kay Olson
Bob and Ruth Platt
Forrest and Carol Sue Roberts
Mr. James Benjamin Rogers
Ms. Carrell Stahala
Gloria and F.M. Young


Bullock Raiders
Benton and Kay Ransom Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pearson

Friends of the Archive
Ms. Carolene English
Mr. John M. Keel
Mr. Glenn W. Shankle


Chip and Amy Hightower Brees
Mr. D.M. Edwards
Bill and Kathy Wardlaw


In Memory of
Hon. Bob Bullock
Mr. Norman K. Erickson
Dean Angus McSwain
Mr. W.O. Montgomery
Mr. Hyde Murray
Hon. Thomas Pickett
Mr. Jonathan Rogers
Paul and Louise Rogers

In Honor of
Dr. David Clinton
Judge Jack E. Hightower
Poage Library Staff
Ms. Leslie Vilas