Baylor University Poage Library

LBJ Papers of George Meyer

Personal Papers, 23 notebooks

  • Chilton O'Brien: Chilton O'Brien was the Regional Director for LBJ campaigns in the Beaumont-Houston. Nine notebooks
  • Joe Phipps: author Summer stock : behind the scenes with LBJ in '48 : recollections of a political drama, Five notebooks
  • Mrs. Ben Daniel: Mrs. Daniel was one of the co-chairmen for women for the Brazos Campaign. One notebook
  • Sam Rayburn: These papers were originally part of the Sam Rayburn materials at the U.S. Capitol. They passed through several owners including Creekmore Fath before reaching George Meyer. 1941 campaign. One notebook
  • W. "Stormy" Davis: Stormy Davis worked as a representative for AT&T who traveled with LBJ to set up Communication lines. Two notebooks
  • Vernon Beckham notebooks | Mrs. Beckham notebooks: Vernon Beckham was a Texas State Representative from the 48th District, Grayson County. Three notebooks
  • George Meyer: a collector of LBJ materials, Georgetown, Texas. Three notebooks
  • Roy White: architect for LBJ ranch, 200 items including sketches of restoration of ranch house