Baylor University Poage Library

Student Resource Guide


1.Shelf reading and shelving books

2. Remember Message to Garcia!

3. Putting Book covers and bookplates in books straight (both an art and a skill)

4 Research procedures:

5. BearCat - How do I find what I'm looking for?
    • General Collection : Search BearCat
    • Limit Search to BCPM/date/etc.
    • How to get to the next page of stuff in periodicals, etc, when there is no way to tell what we have and what we don't. (Is this really possible?)

6. Separation/Relocation Sheets

7. Checking out books

    • How it is supposed to work
    • When the bar code reader doesn't work
    • When the card reader doesn't work

8. Photocopying

    • Newspapers: image suppression
    • Two sided 2to1, 2to2
    • Reduction/enlarge
    • Reverse image
    • Jamming
    • Replace paper and color cartridges

9. GBC bookbinding

    • Punching holes
    • Make title page
    • Add plastic covers
    • Attach to spiral binding

10. Processing Flow Chart

11. BearSpace Procedures

12. Dress Code

-Dressing Guide

-Winter Dress Code

13. Lock-Up Procedures

14. Orientation