Baylor University Poage Library

Student Resource Guide


1.Shelf reading and shelving books

2. Remember Message to Garcia!

3. Putting Book covers and bookplates in books � straight (both an art and a skill)

4 Research procedures:

5. BearCat - How do I find what I'm looking for?
    � General Collection : Search BearCat
    � Limit Search to BCPM/date/etc.
    � How to get to the next page of stuff in periodicals, etc, when there is no way to tell what we have and what we don�t. (Is this really possible?)

6. Separation/Relocation Sheets

7. Checking out books

    � How it is supposed to work
    � When the bar code reader doesn�t work
    � When the card reader doesn�t work

8. Photocopying

    � Newspapers: image suppression
    � Two sided � 2to1, 2to2
    � Reduction/enlarge
    � Reverse image
    � Jamming
    � Replace paper and color cartridges

9. GBC bookbinding

    � Punching holes
    � Make title page
    � Add plastic covers
    � Attach to spiral binding

10. Processing Flow Chart

11. BearSpace Procedures

12. Dress Code

-Dressing Guide

-Winter Dress Code

13. Lock-Up Procedures

14. Orientation