Baylor University Poage Library

Appendices to the Collection Policy

This is a list of Appendices included with the Collection Development Policy. If you would like a copy of any of them, please contact us.

  • Brochure, Baylor Collections of Political Materials, 1996.

  • Draft mission statement and collecting policy for Baylor Collections of Political Materials, 1993

  • Acquisition Policy, Baylor University Collections of Political Materials, 1993.

  • The Purpose of Baylor University, 1994

  • Major goals of Baylor University for the late 20th century, 1994

  • Mission and goals of the Baylor University libraries, 1993

  • Current collections, BCPM

  • Congressional papers - an essay in definition

  • Standards for congressional collections

  • Standards for archival repositories

  • Guidelines for repository managers

  • Questions for Senators and congressmen to ask in seeking an archives for their papers

  • Individuals and organizations ancillary to Congress

  • A Framework for archival decisions with respect to the appraisal and disposal of materials in congressional collections

  • Criteria for acceptance for members of Congress :
    1. Currently in office
    2. Past members, post-1950
    3. Past members, pre-1950

  • Suggested Appraisal Policy, by Series