Baylor University Poage Library

Letter to Students


March 24, 2005

Dear former Student Assistants:

You are receiving this letter because, while you were a student at Baylor, you worked in the Poage Library. Names have changed so you may have worked in the Congressional Collections, the Baylor Collections of Political Materials, or the Bullock Archive. The location for all of these is the same. I hope you enjoyed working in the library.

The library has expanded beyond a repository for Bob Poage's papers. There are now papers of twelve congressmen, several Texas legislators, Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock, several judges, a large editorial cartoon collection, and various other ancillary papers. If you haven't seen our web page, check it out.

In October, the Poage Library celebrated its 25th anniversary in the newly renovated exhibit gallery. You wouldn't recognize the place. At the conclusion of the festivities that day, former congressmen Jack Hightower and Alan Steelman, along with Fowler West, held an impromptu meeting to set up a friends-of-the-library group to be called THE STANDING COMMITTEE.

The purpose of the committee is to support the library and its mission by providing funds for special projects. Currently this includes providing equipment for a digital media center which will convert cassettes and videos in collections to VCD or DVD. Portions of these files can then be put on the internet. The Bob Bullock web site alone contains 16 videos and dozens of photographs and cartoons.

The enclosed flyer about THE STANDING COMMITTEE outlines the role we envision for the committee and an application for membership. As a former student, you may become a charter member of the committee for only $25.00. Of course, if you have been especially blessed since leaving Baylor, you may want to join at another membership level.

Please send in your membership form and always feel free to make any suggestions as to how we can be most effective. You will receive updates on library developments and receive periodic Committee Reports. The first report is also enclosed. I believe THE STANDING COMMITTEE will serve to keep us all in touch and that will be a added benefit of membership.

God bless you.

Ben Rogers, Director, Baylor Collections of Political Materials

For the Committee

Fowler West

Acting Chairman