Baylor University Poage Library

Research K to O

The following topics may be researched using primary sources in the Poage Legislative Library. Topics in BOLD may be researched extensively in the Poage Legislative Library while other topics would need to be supplemented with additional materials.

To use these materials, contact the Collections Manager at 254-710-3540
or via e-mail:
Killeen, TX Project files, correspondence concerning the airport, post office, public library, hospital, and water needs Poage 1940s-70s
Ku Klux Klan Pro KKK publications Tiller 1960s-70s
Labor Correspondence, legislative files about Right to Work Law; Taft-Hartley Act; minimum wage, and common site picketing Fisher,
MacArthur, Gen. Douglas Correspondence and telegrams concerning firing or MacArthur by Pres. Truman Poage 1951
Marlin, TX Files for local projects funded by the government Poage 1940s-70s
Marshall, TX District office files concerning public schools and housing Hall 1980s
Marxism Pro Marxist publications Extremist Organizations 1960s
Meat Inspection Legislative files regarding Wholesome Poultry Products Act Poage 1971-72
Medicare Correspondence; legislative files Fisher,
1965-73; 84
Mexican Immigrants Immigration subcommittee files including the bracero program Hall,
1950s-60s; 1976
National Railroad Passenger Corp. Correspondence; see also AMTRAK and Railroads Poage 1970s
Nazis Pro Nazi publications Extremist Organizations 1960s
New York Board of Trade / Mercantile Exchange Correspondence, memos, publications West 1982-92
Nixon, Richard Constituent correspondence regarding Nixon impeachment Poage 1973
Nuclear Energy Publications, correspondence, reports Hightower 1976-1983
Office of Economic Opportunity Correspondence, legislative files Fisher 1964-74
Office of Price Administration Correspondence, legislative files Fisher 1943-46
Oil and Gas Correspondence, legislative files, publications Fisher,
Oleomargarine Correspondence concerning efforts to repeal anti-margarine laws Poage 1949