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Faye Phillips of Louisiana State University did the initial groundwork in the area of collection development for congressional collections. As early as 1984 she published Developing Collecting Policies for Manuscript Collections [American Archivist v. 47, no. 1 (Winter 1984) p 30+]. Her article was put into practice with the Collection Development Policy Statement of the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections in the LSU Libraries in 1988. She also contributed articles for The Documentation of Congress : Report of the Congressional Archivists Roundtable Task Force on Congressional Documentation [Karen Dawley Paul, Project Director, 1992]. More recently, she has written Congressional Papers : Collection Development Policies.

General Outline | Expanded Outline

  1. Statement of purpose
  2. Types of programs supported by the collection
  3. Clientele served by the collection
  4. Priorities and limitations of the collection
  5. Cooperative agreements affecting the collecting policy
  6. Statement of resource sharing policy
  7. Statement of deaccessioning policy
  8. Procedures affecting collecting policy
  9. Statement on censorship and freedom of information
  10. Procedure for monitoring development and reviewing collection development guidelines

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