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John and JD Dowdy Memorial Congressional Research Endowed Fund
Papers of John Dowdy, Sr.

The Poage Legislative Library seeks to assist researchers through the John and JD Dowdy Memorial Congressional Research Endowed Fund which provides financial support for on-campus work in the library's Congressional Archives. Researchers with various academic backgrounds and research interests are invited to apply for these grants, which will more easily allow them to use the Poage Library's unique archival holdings.

The Poage Library contains twelve discrete congressional collections from Texas, several Texas Legislative collections, three judicial collections, and many ancillary collections. Most are open to research, although some are restricted. Holdings include the papers of former members of Congress, such as John Dowdy, Bob Poage, Sam Hall, Jack Hightower, O. C. Fisher, Ed Lee Gossett, and Marvin Leath. Some contain personal as well as public papers, and some have editorial cartoon and photographic materials. Materials date from the 1930s to the present.

Besides the history of Congress, congressional leadership, national and Texas politics, and election campaigns, the collections also document government policy affecting agriculture, energy, foreign affairs, the environment, and the economy. Topics that can be studied include the Texas tidelands, rural electrification, water conservation, urban renewal, Israel/Palestinian resettlement and Watergate. Many other subjects are represented in the library's archival holdings.

Dowdy Research Grants serves both academic as well as non-academic applicants. Emphasis will be given to postdoctoral studies in history, political science, and other fields. Graduate students involved in research for publication and/or theses or dissertations are invited to submit applications, and interested undergraduates and lay researchers are also eligible. The Program strives to open the archival holdings to as wide an audience as possible. No serious scholar will be excluded from consideration.


Primary emphasis will be placed on research proposals centered on the U. S. Congress and its members, but given the wide-ranging subject matter of the archival holdings, proposals of a more regional or local nature will be considered. Congressional organization, policy development, member-constituent relations, campaign studies, and biographical projects are expected. Applicants are urged to be original and innovative in their proposals. The Poage Library directors will evaluate each proposal based upon its merits.

The Archives' staff is available to work with potential applicants in formulating and developing their proposals as time allows. Applicants unfamiliar with our holdings should look at the collection descriptions available at this web site.

Applicants may also contact the archivists, giving as much detail as possible about their topics. As time permits, the staff will respond, describing in general terms materials available for their use; however, it will be impossible to provide overly detailed information for potential proposals because researchers will naturally know more than the staff about specific types of materials and information needs.

The Archives' staff will determine the applicability of each proposal to the manuscript holdings. Evaluation of research design and potential contribution will be made by the academic staff. Budgets will be examined and approved in whole or in part. Researchers are limited to one funded proposal every three years; priority will be given to those not previously funded. While no fixed amount is specified, research grants will be limited in amounts ranging up to $500.00.

Each proposal should be aimed at a discrete end product. Monographs and journal articles will receive primary emphasis for funding. Theses and dissertations will constitute a second priority group. Exhibits and other artistic works are also open for consideration.

In return for accepting support, each grantee is required to include appropriate acknowledgment in any work produced with the assistance of this support. Second, a copy of each resulting published work must be forwarded in a timely fashion to the Director of the Poage Library.

Research funds will ordinarily be provided to defray travel expenses. Other expenses incident to the use of the archives, however, may be considered. Funds may not be used for the employment of local researchers for preliminary or post-visit work.


Download the Application for a Dowdy Research Grant, fill it out, and mail it to:

Poage Legislative Library
One Bear Place #97153
Waco, TX 76798-7153

Applications are accepted at any time. For more information, contact the Director.
Baylor University is an equal opportunity institution.

Successful applicants MUST complete a W-9 Form in order to receive the grant from Baylor.