Baylor University Poage Library

Group 2: Personal

I. Awards, Plaques, and Certificates

II. Baptists and Baptist General Convention of Texas
A. Baptist Publications
B. Baptist General Convention of Texas
2. Brotherhood
3. Christian Life Commission
4. Churches
5. Church-State Relations
6. Literature
7. Royal Ambassadors
8. Texas Baptist Children's Home
9. Texas Baptist Executive Committee
III. Baylor University
A. Annual Report
B. Athletics
C. Board of Trustees
D. Commencement
E. Correspondence
F. Directory
G. Ex-Student Assoc.
H. General Subject
I. Homecoming
J. Lariat
K. School of Law, Alumni Assoc.
L. School of Law, Alumni Directory
M. School of Law, Docket Call
N. Sloan, Robert
O. University Libraries
IV. Biographical (Hightower)
A. Articles about Jack Hightower
B. Cards
1. Business cards
2. Business cards mixed
3. Bookseller's cards
4. Campaign cards
5. Credit cards
6. Foreign cards
7. Government cards
8. Hightower cards
9. Membership cards
10. Passes and schedules
11. Miscellaneous cards
C. Education
D. Events
E. Family
1. Hightower, Allison
2. Hightower, Amy
3. Hightower, Ann
4. Hightower, Colleen
5. Hightower, W. T.
6. Ward, Bill
F. General Sampling, Corr. from Work
G. Genealogy (see also Hightower Bk. Collections and Vertical Files)
H. General
1. Corr., personal
2. Baseball and Bicycling
3. Financial Records
4. Book Club, Grollier
5. High School
6. House Plans
7. Insurance/Medical Records
8. Life after Congress
9. Mortgage Contract
10. Passports and Government I.D.
11. Who's Who in American Politics?
I. Governor for a Day
J. Ledgers, Planners and Personal Notes
1. Fun Day, Hightower
2. Personal Corr., '69-70
3. Baptist Diary
4. Day Planners
5. Lawyer's Diary
6. Lightweight Diary
K. License Plates
L. Military Service: Navy
1. Military Corr.
2. Military Photos
M. Pocket Planners
N. Poems
O. Reception, April 2007
P. Scrapbooks
Q. Stationary
V. Correspondence
A. Cards
1. Birthday
2. Christmas
3. Easter
4. Father's Day
5. Funeral
6. General
7. Get well
8. Mother's Day
9. Thank-you
10. Valentine's
B. Family
C. Friends
1. General
2. Political
a. Coleman, "Momma"
b. Hazelwood, Mrs. Jack (Mary)
c. Philips, J. C.
D. General (no date, 1951-1962, 1984-1988); see also Biographical, General Corr. from Work, Box 13, File 172 to Box 15, File 199
VI. Events
A. General Events
1. Cherry Blossom
2. Conf., 1st Japanese Inter-legislative Conf.
3. Conf., Texas Arson
4. Conf., Trade Expo
5. Democratic Party Congressional Dinner, 1976
6. Dem. Party Convention, 76
7. Hightower Appreciation Committee
B. Guest Books
C. Invitations
D. Programs
E. Tickets
VII. Law Practice
A. Public Service
1. District Attorney (1956-1961)
2. First Attorney General (see also, "Group 3, Texas Government, II. Assistant Attorney General")
3. Texas State Supreme Court (see also "Group 3, Texas Government, VIII. Texas Supreme Court")
B. Private Practice
1. Austin
2. Vernon (1951-1975)
C. Professional Organizations
1. Bar Associations, Various (American, Tx. State, et al.)
2. District National Assoc. of Attys.
3. State Board of Texas
4. State Junior Board of Texas
VIII. Organizations
A. Fraternal
1. Knights Templar
2. Lions Club
3. Maskat Order
4. Masons (See also, Group 7 Masons)
5. Scottish Rite
6. Sons of the American Revolution
B. General
1. Board of Regents, Mid-Western University
2. Boy Scouts of America
3. Entergy
4. March of Dimes (See also, The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis; Polio)
5. Presidential Inaugural Committee
6. Rehabilitation Centers/Institutes
7. Rotary Club
8. Texas Breakfast Club
9. Texas Cotton Association
10. Texas Good Roads Association
11. Texas State Historical Association
12. Texas State Society
13. Texas United Fund
14. United Way
15. Wilbarger County Community Chest
16. YMCA
C. Political
1. Democratic
a. Daniel, Price
b. Johnson, Lyndon B.
2. Republican
3. Texas State Society (see Group 4: U. S. Government)
IX. Photographs

X. Subject Files

A. Church League of America
B. Integration, racial
C. Juvenile Delinquency
D. Labor Relations
E. Law International
F. Medical Care
G. National Defense
H. Reagan, Ronald Assassination attempt
I. Religion and Politics
J. Rhodesia
K. Salvation Army Texas Report
L. School Prayer
M. Trips, itineraries
N. Trips, schedules

XI. Travel
A. Personal travel
B. Maps
1. Global maps
2. U.S. maps
XII. Vertical Files
A. Personal Vertical Files
B. Subject Vertical Files