Baylor University Poage Library

An Ode to Colleen

There once was a lass named Colleen,

At playing the organ, ‘twas keen;

Her Swell, it was great,

Her Great was first-rate,

Her pedaling skill was supreme.

Bob Downer said, "Play™just a while",

She should have suspected that smile;

Colleen said, "okay",

And until this day,

She started each service with style.

But a wee bit of mischief she'll play.

When, on any given Sun-day,

Just listen, you'll find

That "The Old Baylor Line"

Has into the prelude, made way.

The Cassavant sometimes gives grief,

Frustration, it is positif;

A cypher will sound,

Pre-sets can't be found:

But Colleen stays cool – it's so neat.

At eleven o'clock comes the feat

That Indy could scarcely repeat;

The hand-off to Susan.

Not a beat they are losin'

The ba-ton is passed, and toute suite.

One memorable Sunday ‘twas yucky

The weather outside, it was ducky;

On that rainy day

When the ceiling gave way.

That she didn't resign, we were lucky!

For to each of her jobs, she gave all,

Whether grand the occasion, or small:

Ancora's her fan,

Kid's choir thinks she's grand.

For ‘tis not a job, but a call.

Colleen , what a journey you've trod:

Next Sunday without you, how odd:

Buts forever, ‘twill be

In thinking of thee.

We'll say a great "thanks be to God!"

July 29, 2000 – With loving appreciation from your church family.