Baylor University Poage Library

Series Description VIII

VIII. Congress: 48.5 lin. ft.

This series is subdivided into six sub-series : Bills, Committees, Issue correspondence, Dear Colleague letters, Legislative program files, Projects, and Voting records.

  1. Bills: 5.5 lin. ft.

    This sub-series is further divided into two sections : Bills by legislative number and Bills by topic. Many of the bills in the first section were sponsored or cosponsored by Hall. The second section provides information about particular legislation being considered by Hall.

  2. Committees: 1.5 lin. ft.

    This small section contains one box each of Ethics Committee, Immigration Committee, and General committee files.

  3. Issue Correspondence: 2.5 lin. ft.

    This small section contains additional constituent correspondence related to specific legislation.

  4. Dear Colleague Letters: 12 lin. ft.

    These letters are divided into two sections : Letters by subject and Letters chronological. Every congressman receives numerous requests from their fellow representatives to cosponsor particular legislation. These files reflect the diversity of interests sent to Hall for his consideration and endorsement.

  5. Legislative Program Files: 44.5 lin. ft.

    These files contain daily Legislative Program agenda along with the DSG Legislative Report, the Whip Advisory, and special interest correspondence related to specific legislation scheduled for debate including White House memos. There is a file for each week from July 14, 1978 to September 6, 1985.

  6. Projects: 1.5 lin. ft.

    These three boxes contain additional information concerning Cooper, Big Pine, and Cypress Valley reservoirs including information dating back to the 1960's when Wright Patman was congressman. Two bound volumes contain articles, correspondence, and photographs of Red River Bridge History, 1969-1976, and the Northeast Texas Resource Conservation and Development Project, 1973-1974. A third box contains several publications dealing with the Texarkana Urban Transportation Study.

  7. Voting Records: 2.5 lin. ft.

    Large bound volumes in these boxes contain Hall's voting records from 1976-1984. | NEXT |