Baylor University Poage Library

Series Description III-VII

III. Legislative Issues: 44 lin. ft.

Dating from 1978 to 1982, this section consists of 44 linear feet of correspondence with constituents concerning general legislative issues. The original filing system, which arranged incoming mail according to categories assigned by staff, has been preserved. Letters were assigned to a classification number, (e.g.., campaign reform was GD204) to facilitate responding and counting. Categories were apparently developed and assigned on the basis of need, therefore the material is neither alphabetical nor chronological.

Also included within this category is mass printed opinion mail such as post cards. Where the only variation among the mail received was the signature of the individual, only a sample copy has been retained along with a count of the number received.

IV. Events: 20 lin. ft.

Arranged by month and year from 1976 to August, 1985, these 20 linear feet of correspondence, background material, itineraries, and copies of speeches relate to events attended by Hall. Most of these were speaking engagements such as the Henderson Chamber of Commerce breakfast on August 6, 1980, and the Marshall High School 45th anniversary class reunion on August 24, 1984.

V. Trips: 3 lin. ft.

Files on trips consist of 3 linear feet of correspondence, printed material, and news clippings concerning preparations, itineraries, activities, and news coverage. Hall's trips were mostly in association with activities of the Judiciary Committee, the Veterans Affairs Committee, and the Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control. Some of the trips taken were to Southeast Asia, Hawaii, Germany, Hong Kong, Lebanon, France, and South Africa.

VI. Committees: 10.5 lin ft.

This group of papers deals with general committee/subcommittee materials collected by Hall's office from 1982 to 1985. While Hall was not on most of these committees, these papers do show his interest in a variety of legislation under consideration by Congress.

VII. ALPHA Files: 42.5 lin. ft

General alphabetical files were designated by Hall's staff as the "ALPHA" files. These files, consisting of 42.5 linear feet of general correspondence and subject files, 1976-1984,. include printed material as well as correspondence. Both organizations and individuals are included here from Administrative Office of the U. S. Courts to Young Conservatives of Texas. | NEXT |