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Other Radical Materials

Collection Statement

The items in this artificial collection were gathered over a number of years by the staff of Baylor's Moody Library. However, due to their potentially controversial nature, they were never cataloged. Eventually, they were sent to the Baylor Collections of Political Materials for safe keeping. The BCPM staff has arranged these assorted materials along subject lines when possible or with similar topics into seven topics: Far-Right Americanism, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Arab Countries, Germany - Nazis, Socialism - Marxism, and Other Materials.

Far-Right Americanism (45 Folders)

  • American Press is no longer the voice of the people. Advertisement for FACT magazine, New York, 1963.
  • And so-they indicted me! : A story of New Deal Persecution by James Edward Jones. New York : J E Jones Publishing, 1938. 253 p.
  • Autarchy versus Anarchy by Robert LeFevre. Larkspur, CO : Pine Tree Press, 1965. 20 p.
  • Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph- Your Freedom Newspaper. Reprint broadside by Maj. Arch E. Roberts, USAR, Fort Collins, CO. Articles are anti-United Nations. Monday October 21, 1963.
  • Common Sense- The Nation's Anti-Communist Newspaper. 39 issues between nos. 306 to 587, Aug. 15, 1958 to Aug., 1971. Union, New Jersey.
  • Constitution Party Newsletter. March-April 1963. Published by Joseph B. Lightburn and Jane Lew, Alban, WV.
  • Cross and the Flag : Official organ of the Christian Nationalist Crusade. Founded by Gerald L. K. Smith. Glendale, CA. vol. 16, no. 4 (July 1957).
  • Future of Freedom by Charlotte and Dyson Carter. Gravenhurst, Ontario : Northern Book House, 1961. 280 p.
  • Guardian : Independent radical newsweekly. vol. 21 no. 27. (April 5, 1969). Published by Weekly Guardian Associates, New York.
  • Goddam White Man by David Lytton. New York: Avon Book, 1960. A novel, 191 p.
  • H-bomb of economics : four tests by G. B. Corrado. London : Kenion Press , 1959.
  • H-bomb of economics- ingredients by G. B. Corrado. London : Wm. Dawson & Sons, 1952.
  • Hundred years of world development and urgent problems of international revolutionary-liberation movement by A. Arzumanyan. Novosti Press, [1964].
  • Independent American; in defense of the Constitution. vol. 10, no. 1 (January-February, 1964). Published by Free Men Speak, Inc., New Orleans, LA.
  • Inform National Reports : A National Organization Defending American Ideals and Institutions. 22 newsletters from Dec. 19, 1966 to Sept. 8, 1971. Former editorial writers and field staff of National Republic of Washington, D. C., with the field staff of ISI Foundation (INFORM) present a national service defending American ideals, Elizabeth, NJ.
  • Investors League Bulletin. nos. 205 and 206 (Oct., Nov. 1964). Investors League, Inc., New York.
  • Jailed by Robert P. (Bob) Shuler, Pastor Trinity Methodist Church. Los Angeles : Bob Shuler, [1965].
  • John Birch Society. Bulletins for Sept. 1963, Dec. 1963 and April 1964. The John Birch Society, Belmont, MA.
  • Joint Statement on Chon Du Hwan's Assumption of Power. Workers' Party of Korea and other political parties and public organizations of the D.P.R.K. August 30, [1965].
  • Klan of Tomorrow by H. W. Evans, Imperial Wizard, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Inc., 1924.
  • Liberty Letter. no. 40 (Feb 1964). Published by Liberty Lobby, Washington, DC.
  • Life Lines; A Patriotic Voice of Freedom. vol. 6 no. 16, (Feb. 5, 1964). Published by Line Line Foundation, Inc., Washington, DC.
  • Manion Forum Weekly. Broadcast no. 405 (July 1, 1962) and no. 417 (Sept. 23, 1962). Published by Dean Manion, South Bend, Indiana.
  • Martin Luther King: His three-pronged Attack on: I. Christ and the Bible, II. The United States of America, III. Law and Order. Published by the Church League of America, Wheaton, IL, 1968.
  • National Defender. vol. 5 no. 6 , Feb. 1964. Published by National Defense Committee, Washington, D. C.
  • New America. vol. 4 no. 8 (July 12, 1964). : Official publication of the Socialist Party, New York.
  • New Fanatics by William A. Massey. New York : National Putnam Letters Committee, 1963.
  • News from the Ukrain. Issues No. 12 to 24 with 2 supplemental issues (June 1970 to Dec. 1970). Published by the Ukraina Society, Kiev, Ukrain.
  • Out of Step: events in the two lives of an anti-Jewish camel-doctor by Arnold Spencer Leece. London : Britons Publishing Society, 1950.
  • Patriotic books, educational material, records. Advertisement and order form, Christian Educational Association, Union, New Jersey.
  • Race : A reply to Race and Intelligence: a scientific evaluation by the Anti-defamation League of B'nai B'rith. ; 11 questions by the Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai B’Rith; and 11 answers by Henry E. Garrett. Washington, DC : National Putnam Letters Committee, [1965].
  • Reasons : a Review of Politics. vol. 1 no. 7 (Nov. 1965). Fullerton, CA.
  • Rebuilding the Tower of Babel : a study of Christianity and segregation by Stuart O. Landry. New Orleans : Pelican Publishing Company, 1957.
  • Secret government of the United States by Mary M. Davison. Omaha, NE : The Greater Nebraskan, 1962.
  • See what I mean? by Lewis Browne. New York : New Avon Library, 1943. 290 p.
  • Spirit : a digest of-by-for Americans. vol. 1 nos. 6, 9, 10 (1964). Published by Women's Right to Know, Inc., Lakeland, FL.
  • State of our free society. The Free Society Association, Inc., Washington, DC, May 1966 and Free society. vol. 1 no. 9 (May 1966). Free Society Association newsletter.
  • That Adam-God Doctrine, in Mormon Records. Salt Lake City, UT : W. Gordon Hackney, [1963].
  • Thunderbolt : The White Man's Viewpoint. no. 25 (Jan. 1961). Published by the National States Rights Party, Birmingham, AL.
  • Time has Come. John Birch Society, Belmont, MA. A broadside concerning communist link to JFK's death.
  • Washington Confidential by Jack Lait and Lee Mortimer. New York : Dell Publishing, 1951. 384 p.
  • Who is isolating Red China? New York : The Committee of One Million against the Admission of Communist China to the United Nations, 1966

Cuba (9 Folders)

  • Agonia de Cuba. Calendar from 1959 to 1964. Miami, FL : Editorial AIP, 1965.
  • Always determined, always ready to face sacrifices by Fidel Castro.Speech delivered March 13, 1961 at the University of Havana. 32 p.
  • Destuccion de la Ganader ia Cubana by Jose Alvarez Diaz. Miami, FL : Editorial AIP, 1965. 46 p.
  • Fidel Castro denounces sectarianism. Speech of March 26, 1962. Habana, Cuba : Ministry of Foreign Relations, 1962. 74 p.
  • History will absolve me by Fidel Castro. Translation from the Spanish of a defense plea by Fidel Castro. Third printing. Habana, Cuba : Cooperative Obrera, 1960. 79 p. Another copy Fair Play for Cuba Committee. New York : Lyle Stuart, 1961. 79 p.
  • Militantes del odio y otros relatos de la revolucion Cubans by Bernardo Viera Trejo. Miami, FL : Editorial AIP, 1964. 153 p.
  • Ninth anniversary of the 26th of July by Fidel Castro. Habana, Cuba: Ministry of Foreign Relations, 1962. 43 p.
  • Revolution is here to stay by Fidel Castro. Translation of address given on October 26, 1959. Habana, Cuba : Editorial en Marcha, 1959. 32 p.
  • Speech to the Women by Fidel Castro. January 15, 1963.

Czechoslovakia (1 Folder)

  • Universum. A review of Czechoslovak literature and arts/ Three issues : March 1968; June, 1969; August, 1970. Published by the Czechoslovak Centre, Prague, CZ.

Arab Countries (2 Folders)

  • Arab Observer and the Scribe : The Non-aligned Weekly. nos. 280 - 284, Nov. 1 - Nov. 29, 1965. Published by The National Publications House Cairo, Egypt.
  • Egypt Travel Magazine. July- August, 1965. United Arab Republic.

Germany Nazis (6 Folders)

  • Brown Book : War and Nazi Criminals in West Germany. Dresden, Germany : National Council of the National Front of Democratic Germany Documentation Centre of the State Archives Administration of the German Democratic Republic, 1966. 402 p.
  • Dialogue on the Vital Questions Affecting the German Nation : Documents on the National Policy of the GDR. Dresden : Zeit Im Bild, 1966. 78 p.
  • Henry Ford Must Choose. Kansas City, MO : Friends of Democracy, [1936].
  • National Mission of the German Democratic Republic and the Forces for Peace of West Germany. Statement of Walter Ulbricht, Chairman of the Council of State of the German Democratic Republic, May 5, 1965. 57 p.
  • Neo-Colonialism of the West German Federal Republic. Dresden : Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee in the German Democratic Republic, 1965. 255 p.
  • Path to the Future Fatherland of the Germans. Speech of Walter Ulbrcht, April 21, 1966. Documents on the National Policy of the GDR, January, 1966. Dresden, Germany : Socialist Unity Party of Germany 1966. 85 p.

Socialism Marxism (20 Folders)

  • Alternative is Socialism by R. T. P. Usare. 1965. Pamphlet describing a new political party. The Party of the New Republic. Omaha, NE : Robert Thomas Praille, 1965. 16 p.
  • American-Soviet Facts. New York : National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, 1966. 27 p.
  • Chinese Communist Affairs: Facts and Figures : a bi-weekly supplement to Issues & Studies. . vol. 1, no. 15 (May 15, 1968). Published by Institute of International Relations Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Cliches of Socialism by various authors. New York : Foundation for Economic Education, 1962.125 p.
  • Gherman Titov, first man to spend a day in space, : the Soviet cosmonaut's autobiography as told to Pavel Barashev and Yuri Doruchayev. New York : Crosscurrents Press, 1962. 112 p.
  • Historical Materialism : the Marxist Sociology by K. Konstantinov and V. Kelle, Novosti Press, [1966]. 40 p.
  • Ideals of New Society : Peace, Labour, Freedom, Equality, Fraternity, Happiness. . Novosti Press, [1966].
  • Information Bulletin vol. 7 nos. 18, 21-22 (1969). Published by World Marxist Review, Ontario, Canada.
  • It is High Time : the Case for a New Party by Harold P. Poeschel. Short Hills, NJ : Independent Publishers, 1963. 210 p.
  • National Socialist World. no. 1 (Spring, 1966). Published by The World Union of National Socialists Arlington, VA.
  • New Soviet Society : Final text of the program of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. New York : New Leader, 1962. 251 p.
  • Peaceful Coexistence : The Only Choice. by Gus Hall. New York : New Century Publishers, 1963.48 p.
  • Peaceful Coexistence : a Communist Blueprint for Victory. Chicago : American Bar Association, Standing Committee on Education Against Communism, 1964. 123 p.
  • Poland of Today. Bdygoszcz, Poland : Polonia, 1954. 146 p.
  • Progressive Education is REDucation by Kitty Jones and Robert.Olivier. Boston : Meador Publishing, 1956. 246 p.
  • Social Achievements : Ten Years of People's Poland by Eugenia Pragierowa and Jerzy Licki. Warsaw : Polonia , 1955. 76 p.
  • Soviet People are Building a New Society by A. Kondratovich. Novosti Press. 52 p.
  • What Disarmament will give to developing countries by Konstantin Ivanov and Boris Batsanov. Novosti Press, [1965]. 124 p.
  • Which Way U.S.A. 1964? : The Communist View by Gus Hall. [New York]: New Century Publishers, 1964. 31 p.
  • World Congress for General Disarmament and Peace : address by N. S. Khrushchev July 10, 1962. New York : Crosscurrents Publishers, 1962. 64 p.

Other Materials (17 Folders)

  • American Blood for Freedom or Tyranny? : White Paper. Published by the Vietnam Democratic Party, Viet-Nam-Dan-Chu-Dang. Paris, France : Serg, 1962.
  • In Tito's Death Marches : Testimony on the massacres of the Croatian war prisoners and civilians after World War II by Joseph Hecimovic. Translated and edited by John Prcela. Chicago : United American Croats Central Committee, 1961.
  • Is sex overrated? by Brad Lee. Brad Lee Pub., 1950.
  • Mental Alchemy by Francis Mayer. Typewritten. 127 leaves.
  • Nameless War by A. H. M. Ramsay. London : Britons Publishing Society, 1952. 120 p.
  • National Law Enforcement Committee : We hold these truths to be self-evident. Letter to Congress. Louisville, KY : the Committee, March 8, 1963.
  • National Report March 1977. Los Angeles : Andy Wall Advertising.
  • Now they would subvert parental authority. : Freedom from what? Reprint from Nashville Banner, p. 4, Jan.14, 1964.
  • Our Native Problem's Solution : Goring's Last Letter to Churchill and We non-Jews mourn 60,000,000, and more : a reply to the Jewish:"Betar.” by Johan Schoeman. Forward dated 1952. Broederstroom, Pretoria : Johan Schoeman, 1959. 160 p.
  • Petitioner. vol. 4 no. 3. Jan. 31, 1964. Newsletter from the National Petitioning Committee, Shreveport, LA. memeographed. 4 leaves
  • Prevent World War III. 14 issues, nos. 13, 24, 25, 27-34, 37, 38, 40, (1946-1952). Published by Society for the Prevention of World War III, Inc., New York.
  • Ruler in Isreal by Sarah Mildred Williams. January 12, 1965. memeographed. 23 leaves.
  • Skid Row : a discussion of alcoholism and crime by Brad Lee. Forest Hills, NY : Brad Lee Publications, 1954. 16 p.
  • Sociology of a Corporation : Pluto's Ring by Brad Lee. Forest Hills, NY : Brad Lee Publications, 1956. 20 p.
  • Truth about Juvenile Delinquency by Dan Gibert. Grand Rapids, MI : Zondervan Publishing House, 1943.39 p.
  • Why Capitalism? by Brad Lee. Forest Hills, NY : Brad Lee Publications, 1952. 20 p.
  • Why Priest's Should Wed by Justin D. Fulton. Toledo, OH : L. J. King, 1911. 293 p.
  • Your Politics : Operation Colbalt by Brad Lee. Forest Hills, NY : Brad Lee Publications, 1956. 18 p.