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Finding Aid: S

Papers of JOHN DOWDY

Member of Congress, 1952-1972

Index to the Finding Aid

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Sabine River Basin
Sabotage and Vandalism
Sachs, Steve re Trial
Salaries: Judges, Attorneys, and Congressmen

Salary for Classified Employees
Salary Increase, Federal Employees
Salary Legislation, D. C.
Sam Houston State University

Sam Rayburn Project
Samuels & Company, Inc.
San Jacinto River
Sanders, Beulah

Sanders, R.B.
Sansom, Judge Cooper
Savings & Loan
Saxbe, William B. Speech

Scales, J.M.
Schneck, Helen
School Desegregation, D. C.
School Funding Speech

School Prayer Speech
Schools and Juveniles, D. C.
Schumacher, A.F. & Emma
Science & Technology Corr.

Science and Astronautics
Scripts Radio & Television
Second Declaration of Independence and Notice to Tyrants

Securities & Exchange Comm.
Security & Consular Affairs
Segregation Speech

Selective Service
Semaan, Fred A. & re Trial
Senate Investigating Committee appointed under Senate Res. 96
Senior Citizens' Day

Sewer Bond Program--Orange, Texas
Sex and Civil Rights
Shamburger, R.C.
Shaver, Wesley

Sheherd, TX
Shellow, James M. re Trial
Shelton, A.L.
Sherman, Harvey R. Speech

Shrader, Orton W.
Simpson, Herman & Fannie Mae
Sirica, Judge ? re Trial
Situs Picketing

Slayton, William L. Speech
Small Business
Smith Bill
Smith, Clyde Speech

Smith, Ed N.
Smith, Rosie
Social Security
Social Security--Amendments, 1960, 1965, 1969

Socialism Speech
Soil Bank Program
Soil Conservation

Sorenson, Martin O.
Southern Conservatives
Southern Libertarian Messenger
Southern Manifesto

Southern States Industrial Council
Southwestern Life Insurance Co.
Sowers, James

Sparboe, A.B. Speech
Speech Rough Drafts
Speigel, Inc. re Trial

Speller, Frank Jr.
Splendora Kiwanis Club
Spring, Gilbert, Opponents
Sputnik Speech

St. Lawrence Seaway Project
Staff, Photo
Standard Investment
Stanolind Oil & Gas Co.

State Department
State Legislature (Texas)
State of Texas--7th District Statistics
State of Tx

State Taxation
Statement - Ellis, Sarah E. re Trial
Statement re Trial
States' responsibilities vs. Federal power Speech

States' Rights
Steen, Marie
Steen, Terry
Stevenson, E. L.

Stone, Joe
Stover, W. H. M. "Bill" Speech
Strong, Estelle
Stuart, H.J.

Style Shop
Subcommittee #3-4, D. C.
Subjects for bar exam...; life.
Sugar Act

Sugar Speech
Sunday Closing Law, D. C.
Support of Dowdy's situation

Supreme Court
Supreme Court re Trial
Supreme Court Speech
Surplus Property

Suter, Johnnie