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Finding Aid: P

Papers of JOHN DOWDY

Member of Congress, 1952-1972

Index to the Finding Aid

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P.O. & Civil Service Data
P.O. & Civil Service Pay Raise
Pacific Finance Corp.

Padre Island
Page Pictures, Photo
Palmer, Helen Palmer & C.L.
Panama Canal

Paralyzed Veterans of America
Parcel Post Relief Bill
Paris, Alton
Parker, Bessie Taylor

Parker, Ray & Willie
Parking Facilities, D. C.
Parole Board
Parole Laws

Parole Request
Parrott, Barbara Evelyn
Parson, Homer Lee
Pate, Alma

Patent Law
Patent Office
Patriotism - Max Rafferty Speeches

Patriotism Speech
Patronage-- House Pages
Patterson, Annie
Patterson, Ernest

Paul Yates Little, D. C.
Pay Television
Peace Corps
Pelham, Clifford

Penley, Ralph, Photo
Pennell, Wiley
Pensions of WWII Veterans

People to see in District
Personalities re Trial
Peters, Donald I. Speech

Petition for ... re Trial
Petroleum Distribution Act

Phillips, Allene Phillips & Ralph
Photocopies re Trial
Photographs--Dowdy, John

Picket, Tom, Houston County DA
Pictorial Directory 83rd Congress
Pierce, Bill

Pierson, Leon H.A. re Trial
Pinkston, Jack
Pioneer American Life Insurance Co.
Pirtle, Betty Joe Pirtle & Walter H.

Pirtle, Bill
Pirtle, W.M.
Pleasure Island Bridge
Poage, W.R. re Trial

Point Reyes Crisis
Police and Firefighters, D. C.
Police and Firemen's Memorial Service

Police Officer's Days/ Police Week
Police Precinct Project, D. C.
Political Advertisements
Political Race Results

Poor People's March
Popo, Daniel C. re Trial

Pornography and Obscenity Speech
Porter, Jeanette Porter & Kenneth J.
Post Office Clerks

Post Office Corresondence
Post Office Corr.
Post Offices&endash;&endash;Alphabetical
Post Offices&endash;&endash;Discontinued

Postal Decisions by Dowdy
Postal Progress Speech
Postmasters & Acting Postmasters

Poultry and Egg
Poverty Program

Poverty Speech
Powell, Adam Clayton
President's Comm. on Campus Unrest

Presidential Appointments-Petition
Presidential Election
Presidential Inauguration
Presidential Inaugurations

Presidential Messages
Presidential Prayer Breakfast
Presidential Salary
Press Releases

Price Controls
Price, Truman
Pride, Inc.
Prison Corr., Dowdy

Private Communication Facilities
Pro-football telecasts
Probate Court, D. C.

Production & Marketing Admin.
Profit Sharing, H.R. 2466
Project Themis

Prosecution Transcript
Protecting Moral Standards
Public Building Admin.

Public Health Service
Public Housing
Public Housing Admin.
Public Land Law Review Comm.

Public Law 199
Public Roads
Public Welfare, Dept. of (Texas)
Public Works & Economic Development

Public Work
Publications, Commerce
Publications, Defense

Publications, HEW
Pure Food, Condemnation
Pyle, Mary