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The Bob Bullock Collection spans the years 1971(?)-2003 with the bulk of the material focusing on Bob Bullock's political career from 1975-1999, when he was Comptroller of Public Accounts and then Lieutenant Governor of Texas. The Bullock Collection provides a comprehensive account of the last quarter of the 20th Century in Texas politics, through the eyes, words and deeds of one of Texas' most legendary politicians and respected statesmen. Bob Bullock's love for Texas was genuine™and that love is visible in the physical record of his Collection. The collection also includes personal items and artifacts from his life donated by Bullock, members of his family and friends. Together, these materials provide a window to the public and private sides of Bob Bullock.

The Bob Bullock Collection is divided into five series: Campaign, Comptroller, Lieutenant Governor, Media and Personal, and consists of approximately 1,125 linear feet of material.

Campaign Series

The Campaign Series (33 linear feet) is divided into seven subseries: 1974 Campaign, 1978 Campaign, 1982 Campaign, 1986 Campaign, 1990 Campaign, 1994 Campaign, and Post January 1995, encompassing the six campaigns in which Bob Bullock ran for public office. The materials found in Bullock's Campaign Series consist of campaign files, correspondence, election results and related materials, endorsements including questionnaires and notebooks, financial materials, invitations and issue files. Also found in the series are itineraries and invitation declines, campaign memorabilia, a section on his political opponents., campaign notebooks, poll information, position papers and publicity in the form of articles, brochures, news clippings, newsletters, press releases, assorted publications and reports.

The strength of the Campaign Series lies in the 1990 Campaign subseries and the progression of campaign materials throughout the series. As the largest subseries and the first campaign for Lieutenant Governor, the 1990 Campaign shows the development, detail and implementation of a winning political campaign. The attention to detail in researching issues and in preparation for opponents reflects Bullock's drive and intensity. The embracing of different campaign techniques throughout the six campaigns shows the growth and use of new mediums to reach constituents and influence votes.

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Comptroller Series

The Comptroller Series (132.25 linear feet) consists of seven subseries: Correspondence, Issue Files, Itineraries, Notebooks, Policies and Procedures, Publication, and Reports. From 1975 to 1990, Bullock's political career encompassed 16 years of public service as Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. These materials are those records previously stored by the Comptroller's office and released to Bob Bullock after a state archives review showed they were no longer necessary for state retention. Because of this, we cannot consider the records in the Comptroller's Series complete.

The sheer transformation and growth of the Comptroller's office is evident in the physical record of this series and is its strength. Bullock completely reformed the Comptroller's Office, and every subseries in this series reflects that in some manner. The issue files, notebooks, policies and procedures, and reports subseries contain the most visible evidence of the transformation and growth Bullock accomplished in his 16 years as Texas' Comptroller of Public Accounts.

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Lieutenant Governor Series

The Lieutenant Governor Series (526.25 linear feet) is divided into six subseries and is arranged chronologically by year and legislative session: 1991-72nd Legislature, 1992-72nd Legislature, 1993-73rd Legislature, 1994 to 1996-73rd and 74th Legislature, 1997-75th Legislature, and 1998-75th Legislature. During the years 1992-1995, the Texas Capitol was under an interior restoration and expansion project. The Lieutenant Governor's Office (along with other offices in the Capitol) was relocated to allow for the interior work to the Capitol. During this time of relocation, the Lieutenant Governor's office combined the files from the 1994-73rd and 74th Legislature (1995 and 1996.

In the first subseries, 1991-72nd Legislature, the section divisions are Administration, Correspondence, Issue and Travel. The remaining subseries are arranged the same way as the 1991-72nd Legislature subseries. This arrangement starts over every legislative session. The materials arrived at BCPM arranged in this manner, and this arrangement is also followed somewhat on the Lieutenant Governor Microfilm reels. Therefore, the arrangement was preserved in this particular order.

The strength of the Lieutenant Governor's Series is found in the issue or public policy files. There are over 200 issues in just the 1991 files. Bullock's handling of the Senate, the importance he placed on issues, and his absolute insistence that government work for the best of Texas is discovered in depth in these files. Bullock was known for his bipartisanship and his ability to bring about consensus on issues that had long divided Texas legislators. These files reflect Bullock's desire for getting the job done and the outstanding work the Senate accomplished during Bullock's successful tenure.

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Media Series

The Media Series (126.5 linear feet) consists of seven subseries: Audio, Digital Media, Microfilm, Newspaper Clippings and Press Releases, Political Cartoons, Speeches, and Visual Media. Issues that infused Texas politics also are represented here largely in the form of video news clips. Bingo, taxes, prison overcrowding, education, welfare reform, the lottery and proposals for legislation are among those addressed in this section.

The Media Series is strong in the diversity of material and its content. Bullock's news clipping files became famous in the legislative community and the collection of news clips and press releases contained in the media files are very informative. The different types of media reflect the change in technology during the Bullock years in office, and his willingness to embrace those changes to his benefit. The Political Cartoons of this series are rich in political commentary and issues. The video section as well reflects the important issues of the time.

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Personal Series

The Personal Series (302.25 linear feet) is comprised of materials from 1917 to after Bullock's death in 1999, with the bulk ranging from 1975 to 1999. The Personal Series is arranged into ten subseries: Awards-Certificates-Plaques, Biographical Materials, Correspondence, Jan Bullock, Memorabilia, Museum, Notebooks, Publications, Photographs and Scrapbooks. This series is perhaps the most diverse of the five series in the Bullock Collection, reflecting the complexity, determination and commitment of the man himself. Texas was important to Bullock, as was family. He not only used the phrase "God Bless Texas," he lived it, and although his love for his state is evident throughout the Collection, it is nowhere more evident than in the accolades he received, the words he wrote and the items which he chose to collect and keep as tokens and affirmations of his life.

In the Personal Series of this Collection, the strength of the series lies in what it says about Bob Bullock as an individual. Bullock's love of Texas, family, friends, history and politics comes through in the personal items of the series as well as his respect for, and duty to, the job entrusted to him by the people of Texas. Bullock's mother began the collection with her scrapbooks. He continued this tradition with countless notebooks, publications, photographs and other materials in the Personal Series which document his life-long love affair with Texas.

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