"location" identifies the institution or repository holding the resource, or a remote location in the form of a URL where it is available.

Subelements: physicalLocation

Definition: The institution or repository that holds the resource or where it is available.

Application: "physicalLocation" may be expressed as text and/or as a code. Use the authority attribute to designate the source of the code. "physicalLocation" typically includes specific information used to locate a resource within a collection, such as the name or code of an institution/repository, and perhaps subcollection, or shelf number.

"physicalLocation" is equivalent to MARC 21 field 852 subfields $a, $b, $j, and $e. If information equivalent to these subfields is included, it is given in a string and is not parsed. Fuller holdings information may be included in the MODS "extension" element using an established XML holdings schema.

Data previously encoded in "location" (MODS version 2) now are recorded in "physicalLocation".


Definition: The Uniform Resource Location where the resource is available.

Application: "url" is for a networked location. Note that "identifier" is used for persistent identifiers that may or may not be resolvable.