Existing Contributor

Transcribe any persons or organizations that have an important secondary role with the resource being describe.  For example this can be editors, compilers, illustrators, translators, lyricists, performers, departments, etc.  Below are prescribed places where contributors can be found.

  • Text: title page, cover, name on finding aid, spine label, verso of title page, statements at end of document;

  • Sound Recording: disc/cassette label, container, insert;

  • Video Recording: title screen, disc/videocassette label, container, credits;

  • Scores: title page, cover, spine label, verso of title page, statements at end of documents, name on finding aid;

  • Image: name on back of image, caption, container, name on finding aid;

  • Maps: cartographic item itself; title page; container;

  • Cultural Object: object itself, label, accompanying textual material, container, name on finding aid;

  • Computer Files: title screen, website, container, accompanying manual.

No Contributor

If a contributor’s name came not be found, do not input anything.

  • Ex. Contributor: [leave blank]

Formatting a Contributor’s Name

There are two types of contributors: 1. Personal Name and 2. Corporate Name.

  • Personal Name

    • Definition: Name a person is commonly known by whether it’s their real name, pseudonym, title of nobility, nickname, initials, or another name.

    • Always invert a personal name: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME.

      • Ex. Robinson, Cleophus.

      • Ex. Williams, Sarah Christine.

    • If the personal name is pretty common like John Smith add

      • birth/death dates if known

        • Ex. Smith, John, 1901- (only if birth date is known)

        • Ex. Smith, John, d. 1987. (only if death date is known)

        • Ex. Smith, John, 1901-1987. (only if both birth and death dates are known)

      • qualifier, only if birth/death dates are not known

        • Ex. Smith, John, photographer.

        • Ex. Smith, John, composer.

        • Ex. Smith, John, artist.

    • If a person is known mainly by their initials for the first and middle names, retain the initials with a space in between

      • Ex. Thomason, J. D.

      • Ex. Thomason, Jeff D.

      • Ex. Thomason, J. Douglas.

    • If a person’s last name is hyphenated, retain the hyphen

      • Ex. Jacob-Schwartz, Melissa.

    • If a person’s last name includes any articles or prepositions or a combination of both, keep the articles or prepositions with the last name

      • Ex. Van Buren, Jessica.

      • Ex. De la Rosa, Frederica.

      • Ex. D’Avers, Gretchen.

    • If there is a known title (Sir, Dr., Rev., Mrs., etc.) or a word indicating relationship following the surname (Jr., Sr., I, II, III, etc.), ignore these unless it meets one of the criteria below

      • If neither the full name (last, first middle) nor birth/death dates are known

      • If the name is common like John Smith and need to differentiate it from another similar name

      • Ex. Anderson, Rev.

      • Ex. Stevens, John H., Jr.

  • Corporate Name

    • Definition: Name a group is identified with and may act under as an entity.

    • A corporate body can be associations, institutions, business firms, nonprofit enterprises, governments, government agencies, projects, programs, religious bodies, conferences, ad hoc events, and vessels to name a few that would fall under this category.

    • Put the corporate name in direct order

      • Ex. Green World Association.

    • If the corporate name has a personal name in it do not invert the personal name keep it in direct order with the rest of the corporate name

      • Ex. F. G. Taylor & Co.

    • If the corporate name is a subordinate to another body, list the highest one first followed by the subordinate.

      • Separate the two entities with a period.

      • Ex. Baylor University. School of Fine Arts. Dept. of Music.

    • If the corporate name has anything to do with the government, put the name of the country, state, county, or city in front of the corporate body.

      • Separate the two entities with a period.

      • Ex. United States. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

      • Ex. Texas. Dept. of Agriculture.

      • Ex. McLennan County. County Budget Office.

      • Ex. Waco, Tex. Waco Water Utility Services.


Other Contributor

Any other contributors that do not fit in with the description of contributor above goes into a note.