Cisco Jabber Video (Formerly Movi)

Cisco JabberVideo (Formerly known as Movi) uses software on your personal computer along with a webcam and microphone to participate in a video conferencing call with any standards based video conferencing system. Having the software installed on your portable device provides the freedom to connect with people, from any location with a good network connection, to another JabberVideo user, or to one of our on campus fixed systems.

For questions related to Cisco JabberVideo, please contact Classroom Technology Services at 254-307-1614 or at If you are interested in using JabberVideo, please view the system and device requirements to ensure compatibility. You will also find instructions for downloading and setting up JabberVideo, along with a link to request a JabberVideo account. You must have a JabberVideo account to use the software.

JabberVideo Uses at Baylor

Since the Summer of 2011 JabberVideo has been used at Baylor in a variety of ways. Here's a list of some of it's uses.

Requesting a JabberVideo account

To use JabberVideo, please complete a JabberVideo Account Request Form.

System Requirements