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Poage's Passport: A Digital Exhibit
During his time in the United States House of Representatives, W. R. Poage visited all seven continents. This exhibit gives a broad overview of his travel during his 42 years in office. He remembered these experiences fondly, and wrote: "I have always felt that travel was absolutely essential to any well-rounded citizen, and I consider it to be of vital importance to a Member of Congress."
W. R. Poage Legislative Library
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Waco, TX 76706
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Political collections are often large and complex but we are here to help. To assist your research, we have grouped our holdings into seven categories. Within each category you will find an alphabetical listing of titles featuring a collection's size, summary and whether it is open or closed.

Congressional Collections

Over 100 years of congressional history is represented at Poage Library. Our collections are diverse in content and format. Manuscripts, audio-visual materials and electronic media illuminates the historical record of Congress. Aside from traditional political and biographical topics, subject strengths include agriculture, civil rights, and military and veterans affairs. Collections also supplement coursework in history, political science, journalism and environmental studies, among others.


The Standing Committee

Friends Group

The Standing Committee was created during a casual conversation between former Poage staffer Fowler West, Judge Jack Hightower and Congressman Alan Steelman at the Poage Library's 25th anniversary celebration in October 2004. These three leaders challenged those present to establish a group that would provide financial support for the work of the Library. More than a decade later, The Standing Committee continues to grow as people who share an interest in preserving the history of Texas and American politics for present and future generations take up the challenge to support Poage's expanding collections.


John and JD Dowdy Conference Room

Opportunities for Collaboration

The John and JD Dowdy Conference Room at the Poage Library provides a wonderful space for faculty and staff synergy. The room is equipped with ClickShare, a wireless presentation and collaboration system for meeting rooms, as well as both telephone and video conferencing capabilities.

The conference room is named in honor of Congressman John Dowdy and his wife, JD. The Dowdy family, Skip and Sarah Dowdy, and Carol Sue and Forrest Roberts, have established three endowments for the Poage Library to assist researchers, fund internships, and provide extras like the video conferencing equipment for this room.