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spyware and viruses
It is recommended that in addition to protection from viruses, you are protected from malware and in the least clean your machine with antispyware removal software once every two weeks.

Students may download Symantec Endpoint Protection for their personal computers free of charge. Click here to go to the download page.

Below are instructions for reaching the listings of spyware removal software and their ratings according to CNet.

Click the "Downloads" tab at the top.
Click the "Security Software" link on the left.
Click "Spyware Removers" on the left.
Scroll down to see the various spyware removers with their rankings. Please select one that has very high reviews from CNet as well as the users.

If you need help downloading and installing this software, please stop by the computer lab for assistance.

Please remember that all spyware removers, virus blockers, etc. require frequent and consistant updates to their "definition" files to catch and defeat the latest versions and variations of spyware and viruses. Be sure to update and scan at least once a week to keep your computer operating reliably.

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