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"The Academy of the Advocate at St Andrews will be one of the world's finest training grounds for aspiring courtroom advocates. The Academy's School of the Trial will focus on the art of trial advocacy and its School of the Appeal will focus on crafting the written and oral arguments critical to highly effective appellate advocacy. Students will learn these skills in one of the most beautiful and historic places in the world - St Andrews, Scotland. In short, the Academy will provide students an invaluable and unforgettable experience."


"The Academy's School of the Trial will provide trial advocacy training unlike that found anywhere else. Central to the School of the Trial is the recognition that every great trial lawyer is a master storyteller, and there is no better place in the world to teach storytelling than in the Kingdom of Fife, St Andrews, Scotland, a land where stories are magical. Come to St Andrews and our instructors, all accomplished trial lawyers and some of the best advocacy teachers in the country, will teach you to tell a great story in the ruins of a centuries old cathedral or on the shores of the North Sea. You will learn how that kind of storytelling translates into outstanding opening statements, examinations and arguments. Our instructors won't just lecture you on great advocacy, we also will help you plan, craft and deliver the kind of stories that persuade juries and change outcomes."


"Advocacy, whether oral or written, is both an art and a skill. At the School of the Appeal, experienced appellate advocates will guide students in a study of the art of advocacy by examining historically significant examples of persuasive oral and written communication in a variety of forms (including legal briefs and oral arguments, judicial opinions, debates, speeches, letters, editorials, protest music, broadcast journalism, pregame pep-talks, sermons, short stories, advertisements, poetry, sports-writing and comedy routines), after which students will apply what they've learned about the art of advocacy in appellate exercises designed to develop and critique brief-writing and oral advocacy skills in the context of several pending United States Supreme Court cases involving significant constitutional issues that will be resolved in the Court's 2014 term. This will happen in St Andrews, Scotland, in the shadow of the ruins of a great cathedral a cathedral whose destruction is historically attributed to the power of advocacy."

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