Grading Requirements Living Arrangements

The students that attend the Baylor Law school Academy of the Advocate at St Andrews will be graded in the same manner in which our on-campus students are graded. Here at Baylor Law School, we have an extensive trial and appellate advocacy program. In this program, students are graded on their written advocacy and their oral advocacy during trial or oral arguments. These same standards and grading methods will be used when grading the students who attend the Baylor Law School Academy of the Advocate at St Andrews.

Cancellation and Withdrawal

If the course offerings change or there are other significant changes to the program, these changes will be announced on the program's website, and students already enrolled in the program will be offered an opportunity to withdraw. After the announcement, a student will have two weeks to give Baylor notice of his/her wish to withdraw from the program. Should the student choose to withdraw, any and all money the student has already paid will be refunded within 20 days.

The program will be canceled due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen events that make travel to or stay in St Andrews, Scotland, unreasonably dangerous to faculty or students. Should the program be canceled before it begins, Baylor Law School will refund any and all deposits, as well as any and all tuition paid by the students within 20 days. Should it become necessary to cancel the program, students will be informed via email and on the program website. In addition, Baylor Law School will contact other law schools hosting summer study programs in the United Kingdom during the same or similar time period and inquire whether students originally enrolled in Baylor Law School's program could participate. Baylor Law School will, by email, inform students originally enrolled in its program about the availability of similar programs. Should the program be canceled after it has commenced, students will be refunded all tuition and fees paid and refunded all money paid for housing, except for money paid for days the students have already stayed in New Hall at the time of cancellation.

The Baylor Law School Academy of the Advocate at St Andrews has been approved by the American Bar Association Accreditation Committee.

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