Frequently asked questions. If you have questions not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


I recommend that you begin booking your flight over to Scotland as soon as possible. In my experience, as we get closer to July, the flights appear to be getting more expensive. The closest airport to St Andrews is the airport in Edinburgh (airport code EDI).

You’re welcome to book a flight individually, but one option (and the reason I sent a mass email) is grouping together to get a better rate. Through this email list, you all can coordinate schedules, and contact Travel Time (the travel agency Baylor uses) to attempt to get a better group rate. You can contact Travel Time at 254-776-4401. My initial discussion with Travel Time indicated that a group rate may be better than individual rates. Please keep in mind that flights to Europe in the summer are expensive, and tend to get more expensive the closer we get to summer. So, book your flight as soon as possible.

Also, if you're using financial aid for the program, I recommend you request an advance as soon as possible to get tickets. Please let me know if you have any issues doing so.


The easiest way to get to Blackadder Hall in St Andrews is to rent a taxi. However, this is a fairly expensive option for one person, but if several of you pool together, it will be a cost-effective option. We recommend Williamson Taxis – you can contact them at 011 44 1334 839279.

If you're planning on taking public transportation from the Edinburgh airport to Blackadder Hall, google maps has pretty good directions and instructions, which you can find here. It also allows you to get up to date information on train/bus time tables.

Accommodations at Blackadder Hall

When you arrive in St Andrews, Blackadder Hall will have your information and get you checked-in pretty quickly.

If your spouse is coming with you, St Andrews can accommodate both of you. The extra cost for double occupancy will be 29 pounds per night for your spouse to stay in the room with you. This rate would include a "full Scottish breakfast" for your spouse as well (eggs, bacon, etc.). This charge would only apply for the days where your spouse is staying with you. So please let us know if/when your spouse will be with us in Scotland, and we’ll begin making arrangements with St Andrews.

Also, for some unexplained reason, U.S. hairdryers will not work with U.K. electric outlets, even with a converter. So if you plan on using a hairdryer, I recommend leaving your current hairdryer at home and purchasing one when you get to Scotland that works on the U.K. outlets. They're relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at Boots, centrally located in St Andrews.

Course Materials

We will be sending you the course materials about a month before we leave for St Andrews. We will not charge you for these materials, and you will not need to purchase any textbooks, casebooks, or the like. Attached to this email are the course syllabi from last year, so you can get an idea of your daily schedule. The schedules will not be the same as last year, these are only for your reference.

A laptop might be helpful but one is certainly not required. You may use the St Andrews library computer facilities, which are very close to our classroom. You will, of course, need something to write on and write with. If you don’t want to pack your favorite office supplies, they can be purchased in St Andrews. There is an office supply store a short walk from our classrooms.

Orientation and First Classes

Orientation will begin at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 26th, and will take place in Lower College Hall, in St Salvators Quad, in St Andrews. Your first class will begin immediately following the orientation. Attendance at both orientation and the first class is mandatory. The chapel is approximately a 15 to 20 minute walk from your residence hall. For a walking route from Blackadder Hall to St Salvators Quad, click here. We'll send an agenda for orientation with your course materials.


Weather in St Andrews during late July and early August varies greatly. It can be warm and sunny in the 80s, to cold and rainy in the 40s. Extreme heat and bitter cold would be highly unusual for this time of year, but it is not unusual for it to be moderately warm in the afternoons and a bit chilly in the evening. And, since this is Scotland, you can bet on rain every once in a while. You should pack a light jacket and an umbrella. The weather is probably a bit cool, especially in the evenings, for you to feel comfortable in shorts. You might also feel out of place in shorts, as the Scots don’t typically wear them.

Dress Code for the Program

During the Edinburgh trip to Scottish legal institutions, we will be visiting with a sitting judge and attending court. As such, you need to bring a suit with you to wear to the Scottish courts. On a normal class day, we simply ask you to dress in clothes in which you would feel comfortable speaking in front of others in a professional environment (e.g., jeans are fine, but let’s avoid beach sandals, cutoff shorts, and a tattered t-shirt.) For exercises (e.g., opening statement or oral argument), you do not need to wear a suit. Instead, we ask that you wear “business casual” clothing.

Travel from Residence Hall to Classroom

Classes will be held in Parliament Hall and the surrounding buildings. You can walk from Blackadder Hall to Parliament Hall in approximately 12 to 14 minutes. You can also take a bus for about a pound. The bus picks you up right in front of Blackadder Hall and drops you off right in front of Parliament Hall. For these options, click here.

Travel Advisory

There are no current travel advisories for Scotland, but for general information about the current state of affairs in Scotland please visit http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/country/united-kingdom.html

Travel Abroad Presentation

Credit Cards and Passports

Before you leave for Scotland, we recommend calling your credit and debit card companies to notify them of your upcoming travel plans. Sometimes credit card companies will see a charge coming from out of the country and suspend the card for security reasons because they believe it has been stolen. Letting them know about your travel plans ahead of time will avoid this inconvenience.

We also recommend making a copy of your passport and keeping it in a safe location. Having this information will be very useful in the event you lose your passport and need to get a new one.

Cell Phones

We will be providing you with a cell phone free of charge on the first day of the program. These cell phones will be able to make U.K. phone calls and texts. For a small additional fee, you can go to the Carphone Warehouse in St Andrews (a short walk from the classrooms and your residence hall) and add U.S. call capabilities. In addition to the phone, we will give you a list of all of the faculty and staff’s cell phone numbers in the event you need to reach any of us at any time. We will be collecting the phones at the end of the program.

Medical Care and Emergency Information

Emergency Medical Care
St Andrews Community Hospital & Health Centre
Largo Road
St Andrews
KY16 8AR
Tel: +44 1334 465656
(see attached for two maps – walking and bus options)

There is also a Pharmacy located next to this hospital and also a Pharmacy in Boots, located centrally on Market Street in St Andrews.

Your program fee covers health insurance while you're in the program, please visit https://www.academichealthplans.com/baylor/2013-2014/ for more information. This is part of Baylor's enrollment in the International SOS Program. More information about the program, and your benefits as members of the program, is attached to this email. We also recommend that you download the "ISOS" app and "Smart Traveler" app from the U.S. State Department for your smart phones before departing for Scotland.

Things to do in Scotland/Restaurants in St Andrews

Attached is a list of things to do in the Fife region (the area surrounding St Andrews) and Edinburgh. We’ve also attached a list of a few restaurants. The list is not exhaustive, but it will get you started exploring the many fine St Andrews restaurants and cafes.Fife Sightseeing

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