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Every month we feature some of the faculty or staff members here at Baylor Law School.

Leah Jackson

Associate Dean and Professor of Law


Leah Jackson has served as associate dean of Baylor Law School for 22 years. Dean Jackson comes from a Baylor family. She followed in the footsteps of her father and brother and attended Baylor University and Baylor Law School. After earning her BBA, summa cum laude, she never looked at another law school even though she was fairly certain at the time she entered Baylor Law that, with her accounting background, she was not likely to want to be a trial lawyer. She recalls being surprised to find that she "enjoyed" the Practice Court experience. After earning her JD cum laude in 1985, she entered private practice with the Waco law firm of Naman Howell Smith & Lee, P.C., where she practiced for almost five years in the firm's business section. Dean Jackson joined Baylor Law School in 1989 and was appointed associate dean in 1991. Dean Jackson has been the primary tax professor at Baylor Law for her entire tenure. She teaches the second-year required Basic Tax and Accounting for Lawyers course, and the Individual Taxation and Partnership Taxation. Find out more about Dean Jackson.

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