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Fall Starters
Kenton Harris

Starting in the Fall worked best for me personally, academically, and professionally. As many law students have to do, I had to tie up my professional responsibilities, sell my house, and make the transition to Waco from out of state. I was able to make a stress-free transition in the latter part of the Summer, which allowed me to start my education at Baylor Law School refreshed, focused, and ready to learn. The schedule you get as a Fall starter also enables you to capitalize on future externship and clerkship opportunities, or take Summer classes to graduate in as few as 27 months. I felt the quarter system offered the flexibility that other law schools, operating on a semester system, simply cannot offer

Stephen Harmel
I preferred starting in the Fall because the class size in the Fall is larger so I got to meet more people at once and I am on the normal track to complete school in 3 years, while still having my Summers free to complete internships.

I really enjoyed being able to stick with the traditional school year. After your first three quarters, you can take the Summers off, so every Summer I got a chance to take a break and get work experience. It was both insightful and refreshing.
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