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Fall into Fall

Fall starters have the most competitive applicant pool and the more traditional academic year. However, Fall starters can capitalize on the benefits of Baylor Law's flexible quarter system. After you take your first three consecutive quarters, you can set the pace for your legal education. Take employment opportunities when they become available or graduate in 27 months. Here are some details about Baylor Law to help you take advantage of the unique opportunities offered.

  • Fall starters have 70-80 students in their entire entering class, and some of the first-year courses have sections. This extremely small class size provides more accessibility to professors, a sense of closeness among students, and a community that does not make you feel like you are lost in a crowd.

  • Our professors do not keep set office hours. This perk means you do not have to re-order your schedule to fit theirs. If a professor's door is open, go in and ask your questions. Discuss the cases and theories from that day's lecture, or get their advice on exams, studying, and your legal education in general.

  • We hold over 800 interviews on campus for students and legal employers. Our Career Development Office will help you find opportunities, build a resume, and connect with alumni and legal employers.

  • The Baylor Law program is rigorous and intense. It prepares you to practice the law by building your endurance throughout your time in law school. It will give you the basic theories and concepts, then require you to use them in practical exercises, apply them in legal writing, and argue them in a court-room setting.

  • Waco is full of great activities, from catching some sun at Lake Waco to listening to live musicians at outside concert venues.


This is what the typical first-year curriculum looks like for our Fall starters. Students have the option to continue with upper-class courses during their 4th quarters or take a break after their first three consecutive quarters.


LARC, PART I (1 hour)

Civil Procedure (4 hours)

Contracts I (4 hours)

Torts I (4 hours)

Total 13 hours


LARC, PART II (1 hour)

Property I (4 hours)

Contracts II (4 hours)

Criminal LawI (3 hours)

Torts II (3 hours)

Total 15 hours


Appellate Advocacy & Procedure (2 hours)

Property II (3 hours)

LAPP (3 hours)

Criminal Procedure (3 hours)

Business and Financial Basics (2 hours)

Total 13 hours

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