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Why Start in the Summer

If you are anxious to get a jump start on your legal education, here are few reasons you might consider starting your legal education in Baylor Law's Summer term.

  • Regardless of when you start Baylor Law School, you will receive the same outstanding education that Baylor Law school is known for and take the same first-year course curriculum as those who start in the "traditional" Fall term.

  • After your complete your first year of law school (three quarters), you can take off any quarter to take advantage of clerkships, externships, and study aboard programs.

  • You can complete your law school education in nine consecutive quarters and essentially gain a year on law students who start their studies in the Fall and take summers off.

  • After you complete your first quarter of law school, you will have a four to five week break before your start your second quarter in the Fall term. During this break, you will will have the opportunity to "catch your breath" after your first quarter of law school -- an important advantage that no other entering class can utilize.

  • Waco is full of great activities to participate in during the Summer, from catching some sun at Lake Waco to listening to live musicians at outside concert venues. Click here to read about some of Waco's attractions.


This is what the typical first-year curriculum looks like for our Summer starters. Students have the option to continue with upper-class courses during their 4th quarters or to take a break after their first three consecutive quarters.

LARC, Part I (1 hour)

Civil Procedure (4 hours)

Property I (4 hours)

Criminal Law (3 hours)

Total Hours: 12 hours

LARC, Part II (1 hour)

Property II (3 hours)

Contracts I (4 hours)

Torts I (4 hours)

Total: 12 hours

3rd quarter
Contracts II (4 hours)

Torts II (3 hours)

LAPP (3 hours)

Criminal Procedure (3 hours)

Business and Financial Basics (2 hours)

Total: 14 hours

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