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The curriculum at Baylor Law is structured to provide a logical progression of legal study from fundamental legal doctrines in first-year courses to increasingly more sophisticated and complex issues in second- and third-year courses. You will find that the broad exposure to legal fundamentals and the well-rounded education and training of our curriculum teaches you to be an outstanding lawyer, one who is prepared to pass the bar exam and is sought after by legal employers, including top law firms, business corporations, government agencies, and the judiciary.

First Year

Like most law schools, Baylor Law School has a curriculum that consists of required classes intended to provide the foundation upon which students will build during their second and third years. Students learn the basic principles of legal reasoning and case analysis. Although it may not seem like it, students will cover less material the first year so that they are able to focus on learning to "think like a lawyer."

First-Year Required Courses
Appellate Advocacy and Procedure
Basic Taxation for Lawyers
Civil Procedure
Contracts I and II
Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure
Introduction to Law & the Legal Profession
Legislation, Administrative Power, and Procedure (LAPP)
Legal Analysis, Research, and Communication I and II (LARC)
Property I and II
Torts I and II

Second Year

The second-year curriculum allows for more interaction with the law and practical application. Students must complete five required courses in the second year. These courses introduce students to several fundamental areas of law, including Constitutional Law, Trusts and Estates, Business Organization, Taxation, and Remedies. The timing of these courses allows students to pursue more advanced studies in these areas if they desire. Students may also take a variety of elective courses in other areas of interest beginning their second year.

Second-Year Required Courses
Business & Financial Basics (formerly known as Basic Tax & Accounting for Lawyers)
Business Organization I
Constitutional Law
Trusts & Estates

Third Year

The third year is arguably the most rigorous at Baylor Law School because of Practice Court, a series of four classes taught over two quarters that is required for all students. During this six-month program, students learn the fundamentals of evidence and procedural law. These classes require students to draw upon all of their first- and second-year experiences. It is this process of synthesis and application that is the hallmark of our Practice Court Program. While Practice Court's focus on the practical use of rules and courtroom procedure benefits those students planning to become trial lawyers, students learn lawyering skills crucial to all types of practice. Baylor Law School students complete this program and are prepared to practice.

Students will again have opportunities to take elective courses during the second quarter of Practice Court and during their final quarter of law school.

Third-Year Required Courses
Practice Court I
Practice Court II
Practice Court III
Professional Responsibility

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