Baylor Law Baylor
Map of faculty area
Prof. Featherston Prof. Jim Underwood Prof. Mike Morrison Prof. Larry Bates Prof. David Guinn Prof. Mike Rogers Prof. Luke Meier Prof. Connie Powell Prof. Jeremy Counseller Prof. Elizabeth Miller Prof. Patricia Wilson Asst. Prof Fraley Prof. Brian Serr Prof. Ron Beal Prof. Bridget Fuselier Prof. Laura Hernandez Prof. Gerald Powell Honorable Jan Patterson Prof. Walt Shelton Kathy Serr Prof. David Swenson Prof. Jill Lens Prof. Rory Ryan Prof. Noley Bice Prof. Jim Wren Prof. Mike Berry Honorable Ed Kinkeade Stephen Rispoli Practice Court Associate Karen Ehgotz Terri Kroll Faculty Waiting Area Faculty Waiting Area Faculty Lobby Faculty Map
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318 Prof. Larry Bates
334 Prof. Ron Beal
323 Adj. Prof. Mike Berry
325 Prof. Jeremy Counseller
312 Prof. Tom Featherston
336 Prof. Bridget Fuselier
319 Prof. David Guinn
338 Prof. Laura Hernandez
321 Hon. E. Kinkeade, Jurist in Residence
341 Assoc. Prof. Jill Lens
322 Prof. Luke Meier
326 Prof. Elizabeth Miller
317 Prof. Mike Morrison
333 Hon. Jan Patterson, Justice in Residence
324 Assoc. Prof. Connie Powell Nichols
339 Prof. Gerald Powell
320 Prof. Mike Rogers
342 Prof. Rory Ryan
332 Prof. Brian Serr
335 Adj. Prof. Kathy Serr
337 Prof. Walt Shelton
329 Prof. Mark Snider
331 Asst. Prof. Elizabeth Fraley
340 Prof. David Swenson
315 Prof. Jim Underwood
328 Prof. Patricia Wilson
344 Prof. Jim Wren

313       Stephen Risopli, Director of Student Relations
314A     Mark Altman, Veteran's Assistant Coordinator
314C     Terri Kroll, Assistant Office Manager/Business Manager
314D     Karen Ehgotz, Office Manager
327A     Brandon Gibbon, Practice Court Associate