Baylor Law School Weather Policy

Inclement Weather: 

In the case of snow, ice, etc, the Law School will follow the same opening/closing schedule as the main Baylor campus. If classes or exams are canceled or delayed, the local media outlets will be contacted by 7:00 a.m. and they will announce the closing or delay. Also, we will attempt to post on our web page and to send an email to all students to advise them. If classes are not cancelled, but a particular professor needs to cancel a class, we will attempt to notify students by email of the cancellation of that particular class. In any event, if classes are not cancelled, students are expected to use good judgment to determine if they can safely drive to the Law School. The Law School is concerned about the safety of students and we expect each student to make a prudent decision about attendance in inclement weather.

Shelter in Case of Tornadoes:

If the National Weather Service announces a tornado watch or warning for our area, please pay attention and watch for notices about the current conditions. If the local emergency sirens sound, all students, staff and faculty should immediately seek shelter and wait in a designated safe area in the law school building until the “all clear” is given. The designated safe areas are:

   1.      Classroom wing:

a.       Restrooms

b.      Staircase 1 on the southeast end which runs adjacent to room 236 on the second floor and room 127 on the first floor.

   2.      Library:

a.       Restrooms

b.      Photocopier rooms

c.       Locker room on the first floor

d.      Staircase 3 on the northeast or river end of the second and third floors

e.       Staircase 5 on the northwest or parking lot end of the second and third floors.


Please note that if you enter Staircases 3 or 5, the alarm bar will sound, but in an emergency situation it is necessary to do so. Also, please know that once you enter Staircase 3 or 5, you will not be able to reenter the second or third floor; instead, when it is safe to exit, you will have to walk down and exit on the first floor.  

Academic Calendar

May 11
    Classes Begin

May 25
    Memorial Day Holiday

July 3
    Independence Day Holiday

July 14
    Upper Level Classes End

July 15
    First Year Classes End

July 15-16
    Upper Level Reading Days

July 16-17
    First Year Reading Days

July 17
    Upper Level Exam Period Begins

July 18
    First Year Exam Period Begins

July 23
    Upper Level Exams Period Ends

July 24
    First Year Exams Period Ends

August 1

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