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Baylor Law School provides students with the opportunity to gain exposure to one of six specialized areas of practice by completing an area of concentration:

  • Administrative Practice: Administrative regulation at the state and federal level has grown into a massive patchwork of more than 400 Texas and federal agencies. This concentration is designed to provide students with a broad-based exposure to the concepts, topics and skills that are vital to practitioners who work for or before governmental agencies.

  • Business Litigation: As commercial transactions and business operations become more complex, so do the disputes between the parties. Students interested in a career of litigating business or commercial lawsuits may pursue the Business Litigation area of concentration.

  • Business Transactions: The Business Transactions area of concentration builds upon concepts taught in Business Organizations I and Basic Taxation Principles for Lawyers) to provide students with an understanding of fundamental issues business attorneys routinely face, including basic tax treatment of various business entities and basic analysis and planning in the organization and operation of a business.

  • Criminal Practice: The Criminal Practice area of concentration is designed to provide students with a broad-based exposure to concepts, topics, and skills vital to criminal practitioners. Choosing this area of concentration provides students with a firm foundation for beginning a career in criminal law.

  • Estate Planning: The Estate Planning area of concentration is designed to give students a well-rounded legal education with focused study in the areas of trusts, estates, and estate planning and administration so that students can begin a career with a fundamental understanding of the major aspects of estate planning and probate procedure.

  • General Civil Litigation: The General Civil Litigation area of concentration provides students interested in litigation, whether as general civil practitioners or as lawyers specializing in a particular type of litigation, with a solid foundation in the procedural law necessary for any type of litigation practice.

  • Healthcare Law : Healthcare has become in increasingly specialized area of the law. This area of concentration provides appropriate background courses and necessary specialized healthcare law classes, including clinical experience, for students interested in the field of healthcare law.

  • Intellectual Property: With the growth of ecommerce and the advent of new technologies, attorneys in a wide range of practices encounter questions that require basic knowledge of Intellectual Property.

  • Real Estate & Natural Resources: This area of concentration is designed to provide students with the basic foundation in real property matters including environmental concerns, land use planning, both public and private, and disputes that arise in the real estate context.
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