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Sept. 16, 2013

Okay, so for this first blog post I thought it might make sense to talk a little about what I do, as well as provide a few broad thoughts on the current legal market. I'll conclude with some practical information about this blog and our purpose for it.

What Do I Do?

You may have no idea so I thought you should know. The primary focus of my job is to personally get out and visit with employers with the following goals in mind:

1) Learn about their organization, how they're unique and what they look for in new lawyers.

2) Become their contact if they ever need anything from us (which hopefully is a new lawyer!), and

3) Interest them in Baylor Law students and graduates so they either continue recruiting Baylor (if they consistently do already) or move toward recruiting Baylor more than they do right now.

I've been in this role (which was new to the law school when I joined) for a year and it's going very well thus far.

The Legal Market

There's no other way to say it: the legal market is tough (though slowly improving). Big law firms are confronting a challenge to their entire business model, while medium and small firms find it harder and harder to hire and train young lawyers (opting instead for hiring laterally). Two things to think about in response are:

1) Begin work on finding your job right now. It's always interesting to see who walks into our office for the first time their final quarter of law school (or later); if that's when you're beginning the job search you've made a mistake.

2) Keep your options open. Many of you may want the $160k job in Dallas, and it's great for you to pursue that goal. However those opportunities are few and far between, so having back-up plans you can live with (if only for a few years) is important.

3) Network. Many jobs are being filled without a formal posting or process, and often it will be a personal connection or recommendation that opens the door. We'll talk more about this in a separate blog post.

This Blog

I'm going to be updating this blog every Tuesday with what I learn from my meetings with employers, news about the legal market, job searching tips and more. On the right-hand side of this webpage you'll notice a graphic which links out to a Google Map detailing everywhere I've been in the past year. If you have questions about any of these employers please come by and visit with Angela (she has access to my notes) or I. Also please let me know if there are specific employers you'd like to know more about that I haven't visited; I'm happy to add them to the list of those I'm attempting to meet with. Underneath the map graphic you'll notice my Twitter feed; I encourage you to follow me (@BaylorLawDaniel) for more frequent updates.

Until next week...

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