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With an intimate enrollment of about 400 students, Baylor Law School often feels like family-but we're a diverse family representing more than 30 states and 135 undergraduate institutions. We actively welcome and strive for a wide-ranging student body, and we're the proud sum of all our parts. Baylor Law is deeply committed to diversity, catering to our belief that classroom discussions are livelier, more spirited, and simply more enlightened when the students have the greatest possible variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. Baylor's overall minority enrollment was 21 percent in the Fall 2009 quarter.

Our students also have high credentials. The following are the percentiles of the 2014 entering class at Baylor Law School:

83 Entering Students
75th/25th GPA � 3.71/3.71 (Median 3.55)
75th/25th LSAT � 163/158 (Median 160)

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CDO OFFICE: 254.710.1210
Angela Cruseturner
Daniel Hare
Monica Wright
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