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  1. Learn as much as possible about the employer. There are a number of resources you can use for this purpose:

    • The Texas Legal Directory (available in the CDO office) contains information regarding the practice areas of an employer and biographical sketches of its attorneys.
    • Firm websites are excellent sources of information, especially for law firm employers. You can learn about firm history, practice areas, and the backgrounds of the firm lawyers.
    • Martindale-Hubbell contains information regarding the practice areas of an employer and biographical sketches of its attorneys. You can make specialized sorts and queries by using the Advanced Search button.
    • NALP Legal Employers Guide lists more than 1,000 legal employers, their projected hiring needs, profile of their practice areas and attorneys, contact person, etc. This is also available as NALPline on Westlaw.
    • Westlaw Legal Directory and other Westlaw directories provide updated organizational and individual biographical information.

  2. Know your credentials and be able to articulate them.
  3. Practice interviewing in a mock interview through the CDO program, with a friend, or in front of the mirror. Rehearse answers to typical interview questions. Know how you will respond if the interviewer begins a question with the words what, why, how, tell me, describe for me, explain, or compare.
  4. Present a professional image in dress and general appearance. Dress should be conservative for both men and women. Accessories should be moderate, jewelry spare and understated, shoes shined, and clothing pressed. Hair must be clean and brushed. Hands should be cleaned and fingernails manicured. Avoid heavy scents.
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