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2016 Baylor Lawyer of the Year

Albert Witcher


The Baylor Lawyer of the Year Award is given annually to an outstanding alumnus/a who has brought honor and distinction to the Law School and to the legal profession. Recipients are selected based upon the following criteria:

1. The nominee's legal ability and achievements as a lawyer;

2. The nominee's contributions to the legal profession;

3. The nominee's standing in the profession;

4. The nominee's Christian character;

5. The nominee's civic, religious and other attainments; and

6. The nominee's active interest in Baylor Law School.

Past Recipients


2015 Jerry K. Clements

2014 Bill Brian

2013 David M. Guinn

2012 Judge Leonard E. Davis

2011 Steve McConnico

2010 Hon. Ed Kinkeade

2009 George Chandler

2008 Joe E. Coleman

2007 Sam R. Cummings

2006 Noley R. Bice, Jr.

2005 Wyatt H. Heard

2004 T. John Ward

2003 Turner W. Branch

2002 John Eddie Williams

2001 Harold Nix

2000 Louis Muldrow

1999 Walter Umphrey

1998 Gordon L. Hollon

1997 James M. "Jim" Farris

1996 Jack Hightower

1995 John T. Boyd

1994 Bob Bullock

1993 Bill Logue

1992 Rex Houston

1991 Sam B. Hall, Jr.

1990 Edwin P. Horner

1989 George M. Cowden

1988 William S. Sessions

1987 R. Matt Dawson

1986 Robert Maurice Campbell

1985 Bill D. Daniel

1984 Angus S. McSwain, Jr.

1983 Wayne Fisher

1982 Clarence A. Guittard

1981 John H. Minton, Jr.

1980 Cullen Smith

1979 Howard F. Saunders

1978 Connally McKay

1977 William J. Boswell

1976 Claude Williams

1975 Gibson Gayle, Jr.

1974 Jim D. Bowner

1973 Truman E. Roberts

1972 Charles W. Barrow

1971 W.R. "Bob" Poage

1970 Morris Harrell

1969 Thomas C. Mann

1968 Frank M. Wilson

1967 Victor W. Bouldin

1966 Abner V. McCall

1965 M. Price Daniel

1964 Leon Jaworski

1963 A.J. Folley


To Nominate a Baylor Lawyer of the Year:
To nominate a Baylor Young Lawyer of the Year, please email the below information to: Berkley Knas.

Nominations are accepted all year. Announcement typically occurs in January or February.

Nominee's Name

Reasons Nominee is a Qualified Recipient (please refer to criteria above)

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