Spanish 3300
Although not required, students are strongly encouraged to take Spanish 3300 as it is a prerequisite to several courses in the curiculum. Students who choose not to take this course may get into the courses for which this class is a prerequisite with instructor approval, but may find themselves at a disadvantage compared to other students in the class who have taken Spanish 3300.
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Degree Requirements


The Latin American Studies Program is one of six area studies programs of Baylor University's Center for International Education that promotes academic programs, research and study in an international context.

The interdisiplinary curriculum of Latin American Studies Program involves coursework in the Departments of History, Religion, Philosophy, Modern Foreign Languages, Economics, Environmental Studies, Sociology, Anthropology and Political Science. The program also includes several interdisiplinary courses such as Introduction to Latin American Studies and a Capstone Seminar in Latin American Studies. Students devlop a broad perpective through classwork and individual research on the distinctive issues facing the Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations of American and Europe.

A. All specific and group requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree.
B. Thirty semester hours from the following groups:

  1. At least nine semester hours of Latin American Studies core courses:
    • LAS 2301 An Introduction to Lation Americam Studies
    • LAS 4350 Latin American Studies Seminar
    • At least three semester hours of Latin American Studies from:
    • LAS 3390 Special Studies in Latin American Studies
    • LAS 4390 Advanced Reading and Research
  2. At least six semester hours of Spanish literature:
    • Spanish 3311 Spanish-American Civilization
    • Spanish 3354 Survey of Latin American Literature to 1880
    • Spanish 3356 Survey of Latin American Literature from 1880 to the Present
    • Spanish 4375 Contemporary Spanish-American Theater
    • Spanish 4376 The Spanish-American Novel
    • Spanish 4378 Latin American Poetry
    • Spanish 4388 Topics in Hispanic Language and Literature
  3. At least six semester hours of history:
    • History 3353 Colonial Latin America
    • History 3355 Modern Latin America
  4. At least six semester hours from social sciences and humanities:
    • Anthropology 3340 Societies and Cultures of Mexico and Central America
    • Anthropology 3351 Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica
    • Anthropology 4680 Field School in Anthropology
    • Economics 4332 Economic Problems of Latin America
    • Environmental Studies 4310 World Food Problems
    • Environmental Studies 4350 Urbanization and Development
    • History 4350 History of Women in Latin America
    • History 4357 Inter-American Relations
    • Philosophy 4331 Latin American Philosophy
    • Political Science 4304 Government and Politics of Latin America
    • Political Science 4314 Government and Politics of Mexico
    • Religion 2345 The Christian Church in Latin America


A. Spanish 1403, or 1401, and 1402, 2310 and 2320.
B. Although not required, students are encouraged to take Portuguese 1401, 1402, 2301, and 2302.


Eighteen semester hours including the following:

A. Latin American Studies 2301, 3390, 4350, and 4390
B. Spanish 3311
C. Three semester hours from History 3353 or 3355, Anthropology 3351, or Political Science 4304.

M.A. AND Ph.D.

The graduate program in Latin American Studies is offered as a minor in the M.A. and Ph.D. programs. The prerequisites for graduate study are competence in Spanish or Portuguese, fifteen hours of graduate work in Latin American Studies content courses and acceptance in to the graduate program in a field for which the Latin American area is an appropriate minor.


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