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Visiting Scholars Policy

  1. Researchers interested in becoming Keston Visiting Scholars and intended to utilize the Keston Archive and Library for their research are required to submit an application to the Keston Center. The list of required documents is available on Visiting Scholars Program page.

  2. By prior request, the Keston Center staff will assist the visiting scholar in booking Baylor or hotel accommodations. Since the number of Baylor apartments is limited, the request should be submitted in a timely manner.

  3. The visiting scholar will have guest access to the Center's computer and scanner. Also, at the request of a visiting scholar, they can receive temporary BearID and password for internet access through the Baylor Network. Please allow 24 hours for IT to process this request.

  4. All requests for archival materials should be addressed to and should allow at least 24 hours for processing.

  5. While at the Keston Center a Visiting Scholar must read and follow the Archive Policy. Those who fail will be denied further access to the Keston Archive.