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People's Enemies of Russia List Made Public

By Art Tonoyan

The Russian newspaper Kommersant is reporting on the controversy regarding the publication of the list of People's Enemies of Russia, a list that includes prominent human rights activists and defenders. According to the report "the list of so-called Russian People Enemies is available in Internet and it spells out not only the names of right defenders but also the names of the Supreme Court judges. The list gives a detailed file on each person mentioned in it, specifying his/her address, phone number and passport data."

The aim of the list appears to be intimidation by nationalist groups who have come look at human rights activists with an ever increasing suspicion and think of them as puppets of western intelligence services aiming at destabilizing Russia and denigrating its honor. Some prominent individuals figuring in the list are Moscow Helsinki Group chief Lyudmila Alekseeva, journalist Mark Deich, Sova Anti-Extremist Center Director Alexander Verkhovsky, Holocaust Foundation head Alla Gerber, Moscow Human Rights Bureau Director Alexander Brod and others.

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