Baylor University

Amanda Lewis Hill

Baylor alumna says public relations professionals need business savvy

Amanda Hill

By Tyler Wright, marketing major

At only 28 years old, Amanda Hill, public relations assistant editor at Texas Farm Bureau, knows the importance of having a business background for any successful career. Hill spoke with a journalism class at Baylor University Sept. 17, informing the class of her background. Hill also shed light on the public relations world alongside with her business knowledge.

Hill is a 2006 Baylor University graduate with a bachelor's degree in public relations. Hill continued her education at the University of Texas at Austin where she received her Master of Business Administration. She began her career after college in the Dallas office of Fleishman-Hillard International Communications, where she dealt with energy accounts with Conoco Phillips, Shell and other companies. Currently she works at Texas Farm Bureau public relations division.

"If you want to move, you need some management and business background," said Hill as she explained her troubles of only having a degree in public relations coming out of college.

She said public relations is the interface between marketing and management, and it is communicating information in the correct way. Having the right background in business can help someone succeed in public relations.

Hill was introduced to the public relations world earlier than she expected. In 2003 Hill explained that as a student she worked part time at Pat Neff Hall for Baylor University. One summer she was living at home and was called in for work and not given the reason. Once Hill arrived, she quickly learned that the reason for her callback was not positive. Baylor University had been dealing with crisis involving the basketball program. Hill explained that she learned how a university could implement a crisis management plan quickly.

"Hill gave great insight into what public relations was about; I liked how there were planned steps for crisis communication," said senior accounting major Dan Manupelli.

Hill continued to tell students of the importance of having that crucial business knowledge. Having the MBA from the University of Texas has helped with her career. Hill said gaining her MBA was not an immediate reward, but overall it has been a great strategic long-term move. Someone must think as a CEO when it comes to public relations; you have to take into account how everything effects everybody you work with.

"I liked how integrated public relations was with business and how helpful it was to have background in business, said Kyle Roberts, senior accounting and finance major. "I also liked how she took calculated steps for her career."

Hill has become successful in her life by grasping the concept of using business. Hill has already become financially stable. Hill said she genuinely loves what she does and owes it all to her education and experiences.