Baylor University
Graduate students get media experience in Waco
Before heading out of town for internships, many graduate students get experience working  in Waco, which is a top-100 media market with four TV news stations, one daily newspaper, several weekly publications in the suburbs, several book publishers, numerous non-profits and several magazines. In the past year, graduate students have worked in publishing and at  newspapers, television stations, non-profit groups and magazines.

M.A. Program outline

Academic Advisement

The Director of Graduate Studies closely advises graduate students in the M.A. program. Course loads and selections are made to suit the individual graduate student.

Courses Requirements

The Master of Arts degree in Journalism, Public Relations & New Media requires 36 hours, 33 of which are course work and three of which are thesis or a major project. Available areas of degree concentration are news-editorial/new media, public relations/new media and photojournalism/new media.

Journalism Core: 12 Semester Hours

JOU 5310 Research Methods in Mass Communication

This is an intensive study of and practice in research methods used in the study of mass communication, including content analysis, survey research, experimental design, historical and qualitative methods. Classic and current research in mass communication will be reviewed.

JOU 5320 Theory of Mass Communication

An introduction to the origins of, evidence for and applications of mass communication theories. Students will study theory building and the social implications of mass media research.

JOU 4330 News Media and American Society

Philosophical and critical examination of the interaction between society and the news media in the United States.

JOU 5V99 Master's Thesis

For MA students taking the thesis option, the written thesis and the oral defense of the thesis act as the written and oral examination.

or JOU 5388 Master's project

Journalism Electives: 12 Semester Hours

JOU 4325 Advanced Editing

JOU 4350 Mass Media and Popular Culture

JOU 4359 History of Photography

JOU 4368 Advanced Public Relations

JOU 4398 Public Affairs Reporting

JOU 4380 Law and Ethics (only if you did not have this course as an undergrad)

JOU 4V80 Radford Seminar

JOU 5350 Mass Communication Seminar

May be repeated with different topic. This seminar offers the student a chance to study a variety of mass communication issues and problems taught by members of the journalism graduate faculty.
Topics include:

--First Amendment and the Presidency
--Civil Rights and the Press
--Mass Media Law
--Literature of Journalism
--Mass Media and Politics
--Public Opinion and Propaganda
--News Media and Religion
--Readings in Mass Communication

JOU 5300 International Journalism

JOU 5389 Practicum

The student works in an internship or in a professional capacity for a recognized media outlet, with the approval of the graduate director.

JOU 5V90 Independent Study

Research, measurement or Statistics: 3 Semester Hours

Such as:

PSY 4300 Advanced Statistics I

PSY 5302 Measurement in Psychology

SOC 5303 Social Measurement and Casual Modeling

EDP 5334 Statistical Methods

Graduate-Level Research Elective: 3 Semester Hours

Such as:

HIS 5370 Historical Research and Writing

HIS 5367 Seminar in Oral History

PSY 5401 Introduction to Experimental Design

PSC 5323 Seminar in Political Theory and Methodology

Outside Area: 6 Semester Hours