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Why we love Journalism, PR & New Media.

"I chose journalism because I believe everyone has a story to tell, and I want to be the one to tell it."
Chelsea Nivens

"Journalism allows me to be creative with a purpose."
Cassie Mills

"I felt that journalism was a fast-paced, exciting major that would continually challenge me to advance my skills and knowledge - and I was right."
Jaimie Lenhardt

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Networked & international ...

Baylor Journalism, Public Relations
& New Media
graduates work all over the world in all kinds of jobs. It's a big Bear network with espirit de corps.

You'll find us the friendliest major at Baylor. We'll greet you in the hallways and on campus and make time for those impromptu meetings that often can lead to the best teaching moments. You'll use the latest editing and design software. Our visual storytelling capacity is state-of-the-art, and a low teacher/student ratio ensures one-on-one attention from professors.

We're in the top 5 percent of programs nationwide, as our ACEJMC accreditation proves. Yet anyone enrolled in Baylor can become a major, enroll in journalism classes their freshman year and work for student publications when they've mastered the basics.

We have an excellent reputation among employers for producing qualified graduates. Student organizations and faculty frequently bring in local and nationally prominent guest speakers who share real-world, state-of-the-art insight into the industry and facilitate connections that often help students find jobs after college.

Along your education path, we encourage multiple off-campus internships and international study, including Baylor in New York and Los Angeles during the long terms and Baylor Journalism in Florence, Italy, during the summer.

"Studying abroad was a wonderful experience that really helped expand my worldview and taught me a lot about myself. Just go!" said Fulbright Scholar Meghan Merchant.

Study in Scotland, England, Italy and The Netherlands also can expose students to major cities and international cultures, providing course credit, once-in-a-lifetime internships and incredible memories.

Stellar student publications options ...

We have the No. 1 student newspaper in Texas, as recognized by the Associated Press Managing Editors and the Houston Press Club. Baylor also is among nation's top 10 college newspaper websites. Focus magazine and The Roundup yearbook also win dozens of state and national awards each year.

We care about your future. Let us prove it.


Stalking Adventure:
The Face Behind the Lens

Fort Worth native Curtis Callaway roams the world with a camera and has practiced his craft in 16 countries. Callaway's day job is teaching photography in Baylor's Journalism, Public Relations & New Media department.

Callaway kicked off his career as the expedition photographer for a research project to film the southern-most population of Beluga whales in Quebec's St. Lawrence River. This led to other work in marine exploration and documentary photography and film production with Jean-Michel Cousteau.

This photographer, cinematographer, lecturer and naturalist also served as the team medic on expeditions.

But he isn't fearless. "It was on my second expedition to Bali. I thought I was going to die. We were four days into a four-month expedition when we were caught in a down-draft and went from 20 feet to 100 feet under water. I was about the black out from the pressure. If I'd lost my fin, I'd have died," Callaway said.

"Our least experienced diver did black out and was saved by a Balinese guide who pulled him up toward the surface by his tank," Callaway said.

Since then, Callaway's adventures have compelled him to hang out of helicopters, ride horseback up steep volcanos, wade into dense mangrove swamps, sail across oceans through cyclones and waterspouts -- and dodge tsunamis. Along the way, he's picked up some prestigious awards.

"We were so blessed when someone with his incredible talent fell into our laps at the exact moment we needed to hire a photography professor," Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies Sara Stone said.

Callaway has a B.A. in multi-media with a specialty in underwater photography and film from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Callaway's apprentice and Baylor senior Kyle Beam said Callaway's most noticeable charateristics are "his time and patience with students. He spends hours and hours up here helping us get better," Beam said.

Current projects include the Baylor Research Innovation Collaborative initiative, as well as projects about Tommy Duncan (Texas Playboys), a Wetlands project and a Wildland Fire Research project that also involves the Baylor Sciences.

Outside the classroom, Callaway continues to stay in the thick of where the action is. During a recent wildfire in Whitney, Callaway worked alongside a Baylor fire scientist and firefighters to successfully document controlling the blaze.

For a field trip to exotic places without the travel and dangerous adventures without the fear, check out his website at